Sunday, February 05, 2006

Swigging Coca-cola Zero

a post by Adam

I enjoy drinking Coke. I always have. I couldn’t tell you what it tastes like except maybe that it tastes good, it’s fizzy and best when nice and cold. I have recently experienced Coca-Cola Zero, which I believe is a wonderful marketing scheme, they say it tastes more like regular Coke than diet but still ahs no calories. I bought a 12 pack and I tried it and as far as I can tell they are right, in that I mean it does not taste as bad as Diet Coke.

I know I am taken in by it as pop culture because for example water, from the tap, is free (bottled water is a whole other story) and much better for me than coke, I have spend my $4 on something that and I know I will spend more on later. It is simply more enjoyable than water most of the time.

I also know that the name Coca-Cola is weighted with corporate agenda, advertising rivalry and is more culturally diverse than almost anything on earth. It seems anywhere there is money to buy goods Coke is there, in the slums of Mexico and in Middle of India Coke is there. For the extent of Coke’s reaching see the movie:
“The Gods Must Be Crazy” (
This movie is a great example of how Coke finds its way into almost any civilization.

I know only the more choosy and wealthy areas get special things like Coca-Cola Zero and for that I am taken in because they know that if there is a calorie free good tasting diet pop out there I and many others who are told not to drink their calories will buy it.

As for a guttural reaction; my stomach loves a little Coca-Cola it does not bother me a bit, not sure what it will say in 20 or 30 years but that is another story. Coca-Cola Zero for now is my drink of choice until I hear Coca-Cola and an abusive company or that aspartame really does damage your body, but if these things are not drawn to attention then I say all things in moderation.
Cheers: here is to consuming liquid pop-culture!


Blogger Melissa said...

I too have enjoyed Coke in the past but I heard an interesting story that disturbed's about this American company who sold beverages all over the world. During the 2nd world war this company obviously had to pull out of Axis countries, mainly Germany, in order to show support for their country and Allies. However this company didn't want to lose all that money! So 'fanta' drinks were born...continued partnership with the enemy for some extra war $$s. The company?...fanta is a product of Coca-Cola.

11:48 p.m., February 05, 2006  
Blogger Jason said...

Personally I have not enjoyed my coca-cola zero experience. I am not a big fan of this diet stuff but I can usually deal with it. I tried this drink shortly after it came out and I had to throw it out before I finished it. It had not taste in my opinion. But that was me. I guess you could say that I prefer the normal coke products. I don't really go for the flavoured beverages either so I guess this is a running theme for me.

12:01 a.m., February 06, 2006  
Blogger blair said...

Don't forget that Coke doesn't sell liquids, it sells a brand. What is that brand? Why do you buy it?

10:20 p.m., March 12, 2006  

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