Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wireless Internet

A post by Nyssa

If anyone reading this lives within Tyndale residence, you will know and feel the agony that I am going through. As a student one learns to rely on the Internet for many reasons. Some of those being school related reasons, work, and for procrastinating. But this week as students here at Tyndale, we have not been able to use this piece of technology in the comfort of our own rooms. For some reason the wireless Internet here has been off line for the past week, and rumour has it that it will continue to be off line for a while still. The only way that one can use the Internet is by going down to the computer room on second floor. But who wants to make that huge effort to go downstairs to use it?
Through this time that we have not had the opportunity to use the Internet on our personal computers, I have come to the realization of a few things. First of all, the majority of the population that has easy access to the Internet on a regular basis is consumed and devoured by this power. We allow the Internet to own so much control over our lives. It eats away at our time spent with others, with God, and even with our true selves. It is true that the Internet can be used positively, but I am just saying that just like anything else, it is so easy to abuse it and use it at unhealthy levels.

Even though this time is annoying because I can’t check my e-mail as often as I would like, or that I can’t be on MSN all day, I think it is a good break. Maybe through this time that the wireless network is off line, we as students here at Tyndale will use our time in more productive and constructive ways. You just have to walk down a few stairs to use it if you really want to, so things that do need to get done can, but no one is going to stay in the computer lab all day long if they don’t have to. It is good to realize that there is more to spending our time then just spending it by being on the Internet.


Blogger blair said...

In some countries, they are skipping the hardwired world of phones and LANS completely and going to cell phones and WiFi because it is so much cheaper to build one big tower than wire entire neighbourhoods. Is that why Tydale has wireless? How do you feel about Toronto becoming wireless as a city? Would your usage change if you had to pay for the WiFi?

10:41 p.m., March 12, 2006  

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