Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Famous People Magazines

This may be a little weird to some people who are going to read this but I love reading about famous people. It all started about five or six months ago when my friend Justin and I got a membership to a gym right down the road from Tyndale (if anyone wants a membership talk to me). We would go and lift weights and then we would go on the cardio machines, at first we would just talk to each other on the machines for like a half an hour. All of a sudden one day I went over and grabbed an US weekly magazine, it was all over. When we first started into reading them it was when the whole Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston thing was going down. It got me hooked I just couldn’t get enough of hearing about what was happening with Brad and Angelina and Jenn and Vince. When I am reading these magazines I feel kind of weird I am so infatuated by people’s lives it is pretty weird when you really think about it. The funniest thing I think about this whole thing is that my friend Justin and I don’t just read them we are like teen-age s we have to tell each other about what is happening. So as if it is not bad enough that we are reading and looking at these pictures, but we have to gossip about it too.

One thing that these magazines do is that they pass the time when I am running. It is kind of funny how these magazines get us hooked onto wanting more. Like right at this moment I want to know what is going on with Jess and Nick and if they will ever get back together. I know I am not alone in saying that I love reading about famous people, it is also sort of funny because I think that I am ashamed of the fact that I read these magazines cause when I go get one and there are people at the gym I don’t feel right.


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