Sunday, February 05, 2006


A post by Jason

I have had my own blog for almost a year now and have updated it only about two times. I became attracted to this type of publishing of my own personal thoughts through reading the other posts of people in the youth group that I help out with. I thought that if I was to connect with some of these people that I should try and indulge myself in their thoughts.

I never really understood what this was all about. I didn’t get what the attraction was. Then I started reading some of the people in my youth group’s posts on their sites and I found that this could be a gateway into something truly remarkable in their lives, although I still don’t understand the point of putting your whole life online for everyone to see! Is it that you want everyone to see your life? Or maybe is it that you want to get noticed in a different kind of social group! I’m not sure. For me posting all of my thoughts and pictures online seems kind of scary.

On thing is for sure and that is that we need to acknowledge the fact that our high school students that attend the youth groups that we run or help out with are not ashamed to use this form of media to give a glimpse into their lives. As a leader in my own youth group I feel as though I can gain excellent insight into the lives of our students through their web postings.


Blogger blair said...

I monitor two or three different blogs with some regularity. Recently, one of them confessed that parenting was difficult at the moment. My wife, reading over my shoulder, couldn't believe that the blogger would confess this. He gets hundreds of hits a day and so there is a group of people out there who know some pretty personal things about him. My wife warned me to never post anything like that.

Doug Paigitt, a emergent church fellow from MN, went off blogging for a while because there were too many fights. We may say more than we want to when we don't have to face the consequences. We don't even really know who reads the stuff (at least I haven't figured that out yet) because there are a number of folks who come to this page but who never post. It's a little weird to think that these ideas are public domain once I press Login and Publish. Still working out how I feel about it.

10:31 p.m., March 12, 2006  

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