Sunday, February 05, 2006

Alfred Hitchcock

A post by Nyssa

Over the Christmas holiday’s, something that I discovered and enjoy thoroughly are Alfred Hitchcock’s films. They are all classic films that deserve to be watched and enjoyed by many. Though while watching some of Hitchcock’s earlier work one must look past the black and white and the poor effects, they all continue to be great stories.
One of them that I recently saw and liked a lot was his 1936 film Sabotage. Starring Sylvia Sidney and Oskar Homolka, this is a film that will grab you and will not let go. It is a film based on the novel The Secret Agent written by Joseph Conrad. Without giving the story and ending away, it is a film about a secret agent, a terrorist, and victims trapped in the midst of scandal. I have found Hitchcock’s films to be a wonderful enjoyment due to the quality story line and gripping mystery and suspense. They are films that aren’t filled with , drugs, and bad language like most of today’s movies are. That is something that I do really appreciate about his films. They are straight to the point, gripping films without all the extra-added baggage. I would recommend any of his films to those who are looking for a great storyline, gripping suspense and intriguing mystery.


Blogger blair said...

I think you are correct in saying that Hitchcock is a master storyteller and we really like good stories.

What do you make of Psycho? Do you think that Hitchcock would still be as as you describe in today's society? I wonder what role censors played in his economical use of , , and .

10:43 p.m., March 12, 2006  

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