Sunday, January 29, 2006

US Weekly Magazine

A post by Anna

On January 18 2005, as I was going to the Wal-Mart check-out counter, I decided to buy a copy of this week’s “Us Weekly” magazine.

Although I don’t really buy magazines for I rarely find use in them unless a teacher assigns me to create a collage of pictures, I thought maybe one of these “popular” ones could give some insight into the way I interact with popular culture. Besides, I admit that I was a bit curious as to what “Angelina’s Big Secrets” were as listed on the front page. What I had purchased was a tabloid magazine talking about the latest celebrity gossip and news, and stylish or “unstylish” examples of clothing, hairstyles, make-up, and products. I admit that just as most gossip is, it was interesting to read, or look at rather (75% pictures), but I found absolutely no real substance to this 88 page magazine. It was interesting enough to be a time-filler, but afterward, I had felt like I had wasted a precious hour of my life.

Most people find these kinds of magazines pointless and full of rumours, however the point that should be made is that nevertheless, we are the ones who are still buying them! So as the general public eats up this pointless waste of paper, the editors and photographers are laughing as they are still making millions from us. Just as the act of me buying this magazine played a big part in how it shaped me, the fact that I was willing to read all the captions and few short articles, and even studied the pictures to understand what was going on, really proved that actions shape experiences. As much effort and resources I put into reading this magazine, I believe, I received just as much out of it. If I were to have skimmed through the magazine, I would not have received the content or what the magazine was trying to convey to me. I received exactly what the editors and writers were feeding me: to be interested, to be captivated, and most importantly, want more.

Through all the negativity in this magazine, I can admit that it indeed shaped me. First of all, it has caused me to truly detest wasting time. We should be good stewards of our resources and time plays a big factor in that. Although I have learned from this artifact, I do know that I could have done better things with my time, and will do so next time. Another thing this magazine has reminded me of, is that we must truly store up treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy. As this magazine promotes wealth and material goods, it has reminded me that there are more important things to life than what we can see with our physical eyes. Further, marriage is a lifelong commitment. So much of the content includes break up after break up after divorce. Divorce is not something that comes and goes like the passing of the wind therefore especially as Christians, we must not take marriage lightly. Lastly, it has frightened me that as the major target market for this magazine is obviously young women, there are millions of s taking in all this information and really putting it to heart. We must treat our bodies as a holy temple and must not infect it with the negative things of this world. This magazine has reminded me of all these truths and has encouraged me to turn away from what is evil.


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