Sunday, February 05, 2006

Epic Movie, Even in the Making

A post by Adam

I have recently watched the Lord of the Rings series, special editions, w/ commentaries. Talk about a movie marathon. These movies have become my all time favorites over the past few years. The story is epic and involving, the plot is classic and dynamic, the cinematography is exceptional the score beautiful. Every time I watch these movies I enjoy them, they even ease my soul and can melt the stress away from my day. They act as an escape to another world and another time.

The thing that really got me is how much work they really have to put into making a film like this, it is incredible, how much work they put into trying to get my money, thankfully this film is a little different than that, this film was done also to tell the classic story well and respect and excellence were among the motivators, as well as passion and ommunity. Is Lord of the Rings pop culture? Yes it is huge! The movie sales and DVD sales, alone would make it so but from action figures and video games to lunch boxes its pop cultural stance is huge. I would like to state that this is one part of pop culture that is good for people for the most part.

It is a reality of the first world to have entertainment and that entertainment to be huge, but if the content of most pop culture we as true and well spirited as LOTR then we would have to say pop culture is in good shape. There is fantasy violence granted but it does not promote undue violence, they are all looking for peace, good fights evil and eventually triumphs despite hardship. I know I am biased by epic movie that grab my attention and really meet a longing in me to be part of something big and make a difference in this world, but I think it brings out that passion and does not satisfy it which is good because it can inspire.

It is good storytelling, modernized, visualized and brought to life on the screen, stories are meant to move us and give us something to think about, or aspire to be, there is so much character in LOTR that I can’t deny that this is more that just a movie, it is a message, a warning about evil, and temptation, the value of true friendship and that hope that good will eventually win out over evil.


Blogger Jason said...

I to love "The Lord of The Rings" movies. I read the books a few years before the movies came out and found myself indulged in tolkiens literature for about 2 or 3 months. As soon as I finsihed the books I felt apart of my life was missing. Then to see it all unfold out in front of me in the way of a movie was just so awesome. I loved them. I still love them. They would defintely be my favourite movies of all time by far.
When thinking of God within the movies is interesting. I think the symbols in the movie are defintely ones that we as Christians should take note of for sure.

12:19 a.m., February 06, 2006  
Blogger blair said...

What do you think happens to a book that becomes a movie? Is the movie always worse or better than the book? Do you think that you appreciate the movie more because you read the book or would you like it even more if you didn't have to compare it to the book? Lots of books become movies - Harry Potter, Da Vinci, almost all Clancy novels - but does it change the way that people read and write?

10:23 p.m., March 12, 2006  
Anonymous Adam said...

I know this is a random time to come and check things out, but here we are,

Movies deal with our eyes and our ears and then our brains where books are taken in and formed in the mind, it is easier to personally attach yourself to something you have helped create in your mind, reading the Lord of the Rings, you are given permisison to see Middle earth in your own light, sure the characters and events are there and a lot of description but you get to determine what those things mean and how much they impact the story. The blanks are your to fill in. The movies are like seeing into Peter Jackson's among other people head and seeing an amazing version of Tolkien's book.

I Read the Books in anticipaction of the movie because I love epics and they have become my favorite movies, but because of the craziness of life I have yet to finish the books. Movies are effient for the viewer.

3:21 p.m., March 27, 2006  

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