Sunday, February 05, 2006

Buying in to watching people play games

A post by Adam

I watched, Hockey Night in Canada: Leafs vs. Senators and a Sunday afternoon NFL playoff game. They call them modern day gladiators, warriors, heroes and champions. I love watching hockey and football is okay in my opinion. So it was interesting to think of the mentalities of the millions of fans watching cheering, booing and hoping that this will be the year that their team makes it.

These same millions find Identity in their teams, using we and them language to associate with a team. I am a Senators fan; I watch them when I can on TV and like to go to at least one or two games a season and do not mind spending a little extra on seeing them in the playoffs. We look really good this year, I know every player on the team by name and can recognize them and hey Mike Fisher #12, went to my church. That is exciting stuff.
I realize that sports is watching people play games but there is so much more to it than that once you favor one over another. The Olympics are just the prime example most people are not even cheering for the person but for the flag that they bear. Sports feeds our desire for victory, in this Sens vs. Leafs game the Sens ted and I was ecstatic, but all the Leafs fans could do is bring up past failures of the Sens and how even though the Sens are winning 6-0 that the Leafs would beat them if it were playoff time. This is the plight of a fan.

Speaking about the Sens as pop-culture; they take my time and my money to some extent but I believe I get my money’s worth on my entertainment dollar, I admit it is an indulgence and a complete rip when looking at it from the outside. Looking at football fans I can only understand the hype thought assuming they enjoy their teams as much as I enjoy the Senators.

Some positives to sport is that although it has cause some riots and lots of brawls it has probably prevented a lot more violence, it is a diversion and it is a place to put your anger and frustration, and for some their pride. Teams battle against each other, have clashes and all out wars! The fan sits and lives this out vicariously through watching, keeping stats and knowing which way the wind will be blowing come kick off of the big game.
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Blogger Melissa said...

I have never been a sports fan - at least not enough to cheer for a specific team...I don't think it's wrong that other people do, I just can't get into it. If I have to watch then I either cheer for the under-dog or the team in the nicest uniforms. lol I just don't get why people put so much time and energy in to watching a bunch of guys wrestle over a football, or fight over a hockey puck. Not to mention the fact that these guys get paid exorbitant amounts of $$ to play a game...while those who look after peoples children make barely more then minimum wage. this sense sports (playing or watching) is not a negative aspect of pop culture per se but perhaps a case of misguided priorities at best.

11:41 p.m., February 05, 2006  
Blogger blair said...

We'll try to talk about pro sports a bit more in class but I also wonder what it does to us at a mythic level. Are hockey and football telling us different stories about us as humans?

10:17 p.m., March 12, 2006  
Anonymous Adam said...

Ah yes the mythology of sports is huge, Hockey Players and football players call gladiators and said to be going to war. The football field is often referred to as a battle field. Humans want to triumph over what ever is opposing them, the great desire is to triumph over evil, many do not realize this and see thier battle in cheering for a local sports team. This is often unfulfilling and hope is held only by better luck next year.

3:24 p.m., March 27, 2006  

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