Sunday, March 11, 2007

Revolver: Christian Metal's Holy Alliance - a post by Andrew

Back in January I was at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Brantford and checking out the magazines there when one caught my eye. That magazine was Revolver which is aimed at the hard rock/ metal scene and is a non-Christian magazine geared to non-Christians. Having never read this magazine before it was the picture on the cover and the main article that ensnared my vision. The cover has the front man of four of the biggest Christian metal bands with the phase Christian metal’s Holy alliance. The article in the magazine had the four front men sit down together and discussing a wide range of topics dealing with hell, the Bible, abortion, playing music, Present Bush and so on. There are two things to note the first is that I am leery when non-Christian media represents Christian’s because they get portrayed as freaks and outcasts. The second is that I love seeing good “Christian” bands getting non-Christian attention. So when I first read the article I was both apprehensive and excited at the same time.
In reading this article some things pop out to you, the first is that the person who is asking the questions is not a Christian and so is asking question that all non-believers would ask like “Am I going to hell,” “Rules” and “Is the Bible a divine book.” As I was reading this interview I was very please with the writer not making us as Christian look stupid, and fanatical. Some of the answers that the gays had to say was some what of the typical answers and so as Christians we know them all; but as a non-Christian reading this article I think would let them know that all Christians are not crazy people who are there to bash them over with guilt and condemn them. One of the things which I thought was important to the writes indicates that this interview was like any other on that they have done but the langue was clean and sanitized. This kind of dialog with non-Christians is very important was it shows that we are not all fundamentalist.

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