Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lost Writers Lost - a post by Andrew

I have been into the show Lost for the last 18 months or however long it has been going on. For some reason the show has me hooked. Well I guess that is what the writers are going for, hooking the audience in for the next week and the next. But for some reason I wonder if the writers know where they are going with the show, or are they just going to end it at some point when the ratings drop from people like me getting bored of not being able to answer all the questions that writers hook everyone into the show with. They just show things and bring up questions every episode, not answering the big questions that have people sitting on the edge of their seats and writing blogs about the show. Like the plane crash, there as been no answer to why the plane crashed, there have been theories or partial answers but why not complete answers?. And who are the others anyway, why are they there, and how did they get there? Sorry for the little rant there, but seriously, I have no idea to some of the best answers to the show and it is a season and a half in. I thought it started as a mini series, I thought it was suppose to be over in under a year, and now I need to know the answers. I think another thing that has the audience hooked is the development of the characters. Every episode or at least almost every episode there are flash backs to the characters past life, which has you feeling like you know them. I wonder if this is another cover for making the show longer and giving the writers a chance to figure out just how they are going to dig themselves out of this crazy plot line they have put themselves in. The show is great but I really do wonder if there is a possibility of them answering all these questions made people think. But the thing is like we talked about in class the writers hook me in every once in a while with answering a question or two that I have been thinking about for days or weeks. So if you want to keep you Wednesday nights free do yourself a favour and don’t start watching.

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