Sunday, March 11, 2007

Music and Lyrics - a post by Jeanette

Music and Lyrics starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant is just another romantic comedy, or is it? Actually, it is the typical romantic comedy. The girl, the guy and the predictable ending – all three give the basic outline of a romantic comedy. Hugh Grant plays a one hit wonder type from the 80's who has been asked to write a song for the most popular teen singer. Drew Barrymore’s character works for family and meets Hugh grant while watering plants in his apartment. She has a talent for writing poetry and Hugh convinces her to help him out and by the end of the movie, they end up together.

The whole story has a cute, romantic feel to it but it also has a few interesting parts to it.

The movie begins with Hugh Grant singing in an 80's music video. If you don’t go to see the movie for the rest of the content, go for this music video. Quite amusing. I never realized the craziness of 80's videos, but it definitely showed what the videos were really like. It does look like the MTV music videos from the 80's. Overall the movie was good. Not one of the better romantic comedies, but one worth seeing once. So if you have some time to waste, check this one out.

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