Sunday, March 11, 2007

A new controversy - a post by Geoff

I was going to write about something that I enjoy, because of the fact that every blog that I written; is against something. However I was watching CNN tonight and I saw this newscast on the tomb of Jesus and his son… or whatever they think they found. The most shocking thing is, that there is a documentary that is suppose to be coming out on it. And it is directed by James Cameron. I heard rumors about something like this happening. But truthfully I thought it was a joke.

This is truly foolish; the man that made Terminator and Titanic is making a documentary on Jesus’ tomb. You’ve got to be kidding me. What are they trying to prove? It seems that every year ‘they’ come out with some type of Christian controversy. And it seems to happen around this time as well.

In the report they were sharing, they say that there is DNA evidence has been linked to Jesus and his son. How the heck are they getting this stuff in the first place? I’m sure they have some type of proof to fall back on. But come on now, why? Does Cameron have some beef with Christians; is he getting paid huge to do this? I am baffled at this story.

They even had a producer or some involved with the documentary, saying that this is not going to be against Christians; supposedly he has talked to a few about it and their fine with it.

Fine with it..? I can understand Christians not caring or believing this, because to be fine with trying to disprove their faith, that ludicrous. No one would be fine with any outside faction trying to disprove their faith. What if the documentary was on Muhammad’s existence or something along those lines. I’m pretty sure that, the Muslims would come at them pretty seriously.

What’s the real problem? I have come to expect attacks like this every once in a while, because it does state that Christians will be persecuted. But why continue; atheists are like 0 for 12 now. And it is even more embarrassing for them now that non-Christian scientists are proving Darwinism wrong. It is like the San Antonio Spurs trying to stop Tracy McGrady in the last 13 seconds. Atheist are like people that find out about a surprise party and their not invited; so they try their hardest to ruin it, but they never succeed.

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