Sunday, March 11, 2007

Football Culture - a post by Aaron

Football has been a huge part of my life for the last 7 years of my life. Some people never understand why I love football so much. They dont understand why I spend countless hours infront of the TV watching Sunday Football games, commentaries, and playing the lastest Madden football game for Playstation. Most of all, they never understood why I would play football. I would come home with all kinds of injuries. Hyperextended knee and elbow, bruises all up my arms and face, bloody and jammed fingers. Dispite the injuries it never stopped me from playing. Is this wrong? is this an obsession? I say no. Football for me, and many others is a form of culture. Over hundreds of thousands of people jam into giant stadiums every weekend to watch their favorite teams play. There are tailgate parties for hours, and for some, days before the game even starts. People park outside the stadium and camp with their BBQ's and beer. There are people gambling thousands and even millions of dollars on just a single game. Even though the football life does not always bring the best out of people, there is so much good it has to offer. The entertainment, friends, Superbowl parties, and life goals are all things that come out of this great sport. Football means everything to some people in the lower states. Kids are trained as soon as they can walk. They are pressured to be the best they can and try to make the team. Football is a huge part of peoples lives.

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