Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fame - a post by Geoff

One thing that I have always been baffled with is the journey that people go on to get their 15 seconds of fame. For some people they will try for it at any cost. Whether it is through sports or being game show, which are more positive way. However there are those who make absolute fools of themselves by going on these ridiculous reality television shows, where they get humiliated just to get on TV. I don’t think that this is an encouraging thing for our society. I feel bad for the people that get mad fun of on these shows until I realize that they know exactly what they are doing.
It is starting to bother me; all these shows were the first part of it is devoted to showing the really good people and the awful people, and networks know that people enjoy watching the people that make fools of themselves. So they can put on as many as possible. It gets pretty outlandish to watch someone acting stupidly for a 30 second stint. Then have the judges or whomever go mock them for 2 minutes. Is our society so desperate for attention that they will seek it through any outlet?
I just don’t understand people’s infatuation with fame; it seems that people will climb over anyone in order to obtain it. Such as all of these reality television shows like survivor where everyone is put on an island and it is a game were the goal is to be the last one voted off. The concept to me is alright. What I don’t understand is how people can go and sell out team members so easily and say it was just a part of the game. To me that garbage! People just want the money and the fame. I do not enjoy watch human desperation at its lowest form. It seems that we are teaching the younger generation to become sellout and cowards if it gains you fame that is so valuable. How horrific is that. And we wonder why teenager search for recognition and respect in all the wrong places.
If people want to become famous by putting in the hard work and long time, that’s fine by me; but if they want to cheat and act foolish to gain useless recognition. Then that’s a different story. I find that to be heartless and empty. I also believe that it leaves people feeling fake at the end. It is a sad truth in today’s society.

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