Sunday, March 11, 2007

Living in the Country - a post by Aaron

The Moira River runs by my house in Plainfield Ontario. This river is not the cleanest, but with areas with rapids, calms, and lots of wilderness, it is an amazing way to escape from the business of everyday life. Closer to my house, there are five islands, one fairly large appropriately called "Is-Land". Years ago before I lived the Christian life, I used this island for crazy parties with my friends. We set up tents, cut down trees, and made huge fires. We would go late night swimming, and drink the night away. At the time it was amazing. Now, I still go out to that island. I still hang out there with friends, camping, having huge fires, simming and having a great time. However, now there is also another reason why I go out there. Sometimes I go out there by myself and just bring my Bible, pad of paper, and my MP3 player loaded with Hillsong music. I sit on one of the chairs, and just take everything in. I feel very close to God while I am there because I can see the beauty of God's creation. Now that I live in Toronto eight months of the year at Tyndale, I feel very distant from nature, and is difficult to find that place where I feel close with God and escape everything around me. I can deffenently see why some people like the city life, but it's really not for me. I have been trying to bring some of my new city friends to come to my house to join me in my island adventures with God. I think it is important to see both sides of life; the country life, and the city life. I think it is good to try different ways to meet with God. Going canoeing, watching beavers and the fish swimming by, the birds chirping over head, and the sun beating down on you, all marvelous things that God created.

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