Sunday, March 11, 2007

Peter Petrelli – the Human sponge? - a post by Ian

Heroes, 9 p.m. Monday nights on NBC.

Shameless plug, I know. I won’t ruin a lot of the show, but I wanted to get at one issue. One of the main characters in this rookie tv show that has captivated millions is named Peter Petrelli. He is arguably one of the most unique characters on the show because unlike everyone else with singular powers, Peter’s power is he can absorb anybody else’s powers and they affect what he can do. The reason I find him the most interesting character is because often we can get like that with people around us. Some people are so affected by what other people around them say or do that they sometimes model it upon themselves, usually to increase their popularity or social status.

I think in Tyndale the problem can be even worse, because some students at school are all Christian and Praise Jesus at school but then on the weekend go back home and return to their usual lifestyle therefore when they come back on Monday again they feed off of others and let it affect who they are. Do you agree with this? In your opinion, is peer pressure still as prominent as it always has been or has it turned into a case of people just wanting to be like everyone else, ignoring who they really are, regardless of the amount of pressure around them?

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