Sunday, March 04, 2007

CSI - a post by Hee Jun

If I have a spare time to watch TV at night, I usually watch CSI : Miami. Compared to CSI : N.Y, this verson is more exciting and easy to fix my channel till the end. I think that Miami itself shows lots of good and luxurious environment to us. There are numerous criminal investigation dramas among the TV shows. I do not like horror movies which many innocent people die brutally. But I tend to see CSIlike dramas even though it contains bloody murder pictures. I really like the scenes related to scientific investigations by cool intelligent detectives.

Yesterday’s episode was about the death of one detective. I was so surprised because this guy was one of main characters in the drama. Why did the writer want him to die in one scene accidentally? After the show, I kept thinking about it. I concluded that his death would affect other detectives in a way. This drama will express their emotions regardless of the work they conduct.

This drama also contains many death scenes. The agent named Speedle’s death was treated very importantly and took a long shot. His funeral service was huge and very impressive. But the other victims or bad men’s ending was so short. Their deaths look very easy and satisfying. Rather I wait for their investigating process afterwards. I truly watch lots of shows with superficial interpretation looking for fun factors like this. But how about teens? How do they think about what they see through motion pictures?

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Anonymous Ian said...

Hey, good post. I think a lot of the issue here eminates from how teens were raised. Some were raised certain ways to perceive things differently according to what they see on tv. Unlike yourself, some kids are raised able to watch movies like that and become fond of "cool death scenes" and watch it for the gore instead of the scientific investigation with ensues.
Also, unfortunately, growing up in our culture, most youth do not realise all the scientifics that happen after a murder. They think, once someone is dead, that's it, end of the story. Enter CSI: (Enter city here), which shows us what really goes ehind the scenes and although teens are usually brought up craving "cool death scenes" i think it opens their eyes to the complications behind figuring out what happened. I don't know if that answered the question but i thought i'd share my 2 cents.

10:09 a.m., March 05, 2007  
Anonymous Mark Hauch said...

I'd have to agree with Ian. In my opinion, a 'teens world view and value system is so largely influenced with their upbringing that they either love or hate violence. I was raised in a home that was fairly sheltered and as result of that I have a really hard time sitting still and not puking everywhere when there are extremely gory scenes or intense, suspenseful moments.

However, I think that 'teens after watching a show like CSI have somewhat of an understanding of the processes that go on after a persons death. The question is, what is CSI: ______ doing to prevent or discourage violence, or the acceptance and desensitization of it?


6:25 p.m., March 05, 2007  
Blogger Shauna-Lee said...

Ya know its easy to say that shows such as CSI have no effect on people however I would have to say that it really does. I personally don't like horror movies. I do not enjoy gore or violence however over the past number of years I have watched my share of CSI and Law and Order episodes and during this time I have found that my tolerance for violence and gore which is displayed in these shows have increased. This is not something I am really proud of but it was interesting for me to see as I reflected on your post. So for me this makes me think more deeply. If I can become less sensitive to such images, what then does it do to the young minds of youth? I believe that youth exposed themselves to more than violence which scares to me think of how desensitized they have become. So does it have an effect on them, I am a total YES!

10:25 p.m., March 05, 2007  

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