Sunday, March 11, 2007

Facing the Giants of Christian Movie Making - a post by Andrew

So last night my family and I actually sat down and watched a Christian moving we rented from blockbuster. Now usually the words Christian and movie don’t go that well together, but this movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The movie was called Facing the Giants and was based on the life of a high school football coach. This coach faces some tough life struggles as he is told he may lose his job if the team doesn’t perform, his finical situation is not so great, with his car in dire need of repair, and finally he is told that he probably can’t have kids. So as these situations seem to come together a man who prays for the Christian school that this
coach works for, encourages the coach to keep following God’s plan. So the coach re-evaluates his coaching philosophy and decides to coach and live following Biblical principles. This turns everything around, the football team changes their attitude and their winning ways. The community provides for the coach and his wife, and in the final scene the coach and his wife learn that they are pregnant. Although the acting was what could one say, a little sub par, and the writing was at times a little predicable (the winning kick is kicked by a boy named David, Jonathan is the one holding the ball for David, and the team that they defeat by that winning kick are named the giants.) The life principles are pretty neat. Once the coach decides to
change his coaching and life principles, the team, the school, and the community are changed, and God does some pretty awesome things. That started to get me thinking about how much we would change and the community would change if we started truly living by Biblical principles. Not just at Tyndale or in class or on Sunday morning, but in even in everyday life, with every person we come across. So if you can get passed the cheesiness of this movie, it worth the watch.

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