Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Family Guy

A post by Anna

Recently, I have been watching episodes of “The Family Guy” on ( is a site where people can upload videos and anyone can watch them for free) Although I’m usually too busy to watch TV, and years ago thought this show was too vulgar for my taste, a friend recently suggested that I watch it because “it’s so funny”.

If you’re a first-time watcher of this show, you will experience vulgarity like the word doesn’t even exist, constantly wonder if they’re allowed to say the things that they say on public TV, and marvel at the uniqueness of the show. From a Christian point of view, I would say that there is a lot of filth and rude comments that come from the distinct characters of the show. If you think “The Simpsons” is a bad show, I would highly suggest not watching this one.

However since the show started, there has become such a fan base for this show that it is the fourth-largest TV series seller ever. From swearing to ism, racism to homophobia, and making fun of literally all types of people, general or specific I really wonder what it is that makes this show so appealing. Maybe it’s the randomness of the characters or the fact that the show is good at portraying stereotypes outright. It could be that there is no other show out there like this one, which mixes all types of popular culture into one big mess of a show. I must say however, that I appreciate the clever thought, the satire, the use of popular culture, and current and historical events that this show is written with.

Out of my experience with this show, I admit that I should stop watching it. The time I put into watching the many different shows could definitely be better spent elsewhere; Or at least be spent watching more wholesome shows. Even though it constantly makes me laugh out loud, I have learned that what we put into our bodies is what will come out. I would like to keep my body as a holy temple and thus I should not take in the crudeness of this show. It’s not a good example to me as a Christian and although the mass North American public will still religiously watch this show, I will not. It is a good example however, of where our society is headed toward.


Anonymous James said...

I would agree very much with how you view the show. It is hilarious, I mean I watched it early on, mostly what is now on DVD. I have not caught much of the new stuff, maybe a few episodes here and there. Anyways my friends and I have also come to realize that this show is not what a Christian should be watching. It does make fun of every religion, and Christianity is no exception. Some would argue that it isn't being serious, or that it is all in good fun, but we shouldn't allow others to mock our religion, and the gift Christ has given us. So yes the show is expertly written, and has great examples of modern satire and use of sterotypes, but it also crosses the line with these things, making it something I cannot support, no matter how funny it is.

7:47 p.m., January 31, 2006  
Anonymous Adam said...

It is funny how much you can say about a simple TV show but Family Guy it seems even more than the simpsons which is partially wholesome, seems to get under peoples skin, our society is obviously changing, over the past 15 or so years I personally have seen a shift in wha tis on TV, watch an old Cosby episode or Full House, they had meanings, episodes taught lessons, and they were funny. Family guy is the toilet humor of TV, sure it is a good cheap laugh but you feel like you have to be in the right company to enjoy it. Good thoughts Anna, Family Guy is defintely a product of pushing the envelope, they did get cancelled for an episode making fun of Jews but then the DVD's made so much money fox couldn;t resist having the show back on. That is life in TV land. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Rules :(

12:56 a.m., February 03, 2006  
Blogger alexstreet said...

honestly...I cannot watch 5 minutes of this show and not laugh out loud (LOL). Even as I sit here right now and think of some of the most memorable moments (deaf team at the special olympics, definition of irony) I chuckle to myself. The only problem is that for some reason, amongst the incredcibly smart humor (they just know how to get people to laugh) they throw in horrible stuff. And if you saw the first episode this season (mocking the Passion of the Christ) you will see that they use Jesus as the butt of a lot of the jokes, therefore I came to the place where I have said no to laughter if it's going to insult my savior.

1:49 p.m., February 03, 2006  
Anonymous Luke Haggett said...

I have watched this show on several occasions and yes it is one of the most vulgar shows on TV right now. I think the main reason why it is so popular and why they are able to get away with making fun of everyone is because it is a cartoon. There is a sense of detachment from the reality of the people, races and religions they make fun of. If there was a sitcom with human actors and one of them was pretending to be Helen Keller there would be a huge outcry. But because the person was immortalized as a drawing it is not as bad. It is not as bad for a cartoon to talk about sex or his wife sleeping with all of KISS. It is so far fetched and so detached that we accept it, even Christians. This show should not be watched by Christians, but it is so hard to remove ourselves from it because the things they say are so bad yet so funny. Why is it that I am man searching after God's heart laughs at bestiality references. Why do I find a sex crazed pedophile neighbor so funny? It should make me sick, but I have laughed. Many Christians have. I think every one of us needs to re-evaluate what we put in our minds. I have been desensitized to watching people on TV sin; I know that needs to change.

Luke Haggett

1:25 a.m., February 05, 2006  
Blogger Melissa said...

Good thoughts all. I have never watched this show but have seen the comercials and heard the horrendous reviews. I am sure that it probably is quite funny, and being a fan of the sarcastic, satire type comedy I'm sure I would probably laugh too. But that is one main reason why I don't watch it, I bet I'd probably end up sitting there laughing thinking "I shouldn't watch this" and maybe turn it off after the next joke - though I don't find exlicit sex jokes funny -
I just know it's easier as a Christian to not start a habit I will be convicted to give up, why tempt ourselves...there are come parts of culture that we just need to stay away from.

4:35 p.m., February 05, 2006  
Anonymous Danielle Purl said...

I watch the Family Guy. And ya know what- I laugh, a lot. It hasn't changed my opinion of any people group, or my ideas as far as morality. Family Guy just pokes fun at everything and anything...I don't find that it is causing me to "stumble". I don't take it that seriously, and I don't watch it all that often, but when i do, I laugh. I'm just going to leave it at that.

9:51 p.m., February 05, 2006  
Blogger blair said...

So we can all agree that the Family Guy has a lot of vulgar humour, and that some feel guilty about watching it. Almost universally, however, you all find it funny. What is it that makes it so funny? I've had some conversations with kids about it and one thing is the absurdity. Almost every show there is something that goes on too long. That uncomfortable feeling causes us to titter if it happens in real life and it seems to do it when we watch the show. Other thoughts?

10:23 p.m., March 06, 2006  
Blogger Deven said...

Hey Great Blog. As much as Family guy used to rock in the first few seasons, it is getting down every season with same stale comedy and jokes. IMO Souht Park and SImpsons are also going down the hill.

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Hope this helps others.

5:10 a.m., December 01, 2007  

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