Tuesday, January 24, 2006


A post by Jamie.

I was metphorically dragged to this movie by my two friends while I was in Ottawa over the holidays. I didn't want to be the one to say "naahhh, lets go see Narnia instead" as I was the only participating Christian follower of the group. To my surprise this movie wasn't what I thought it would be and yet it did turn out that way. I sometimes like going to see a movie that *****SPOILER WARNING***** doesn't have a happy ending. This is a movie that raises one's eyebrows when one thinks about the topic involved.

For those that don't know much about this movie other than the fact that George Clooney is in it. Here is a brief run down about it. This movie is a political thriller between oil corporations, the U.S. government, Islamic extremism, and a Middle East dictatorship. An unnamed Gulf State has an ailing king. His two sons are jockeying for control; one, the younger, is a lazy playboy U.S. pond of oil rich corporations the other the oldest is an educated reformer who wants to modernize his country and bring it to a First Nation statis. The trouble is, U.S. corporations are jockeying to control this nation's oil reserves from both sides and the audience (at least this Canadian one) isn't cheering for either side.

In the middle is the story of the Financial Broker (Matt Damon) who has just become the most influential person to the eldest prince. He has to deal with helping this fragile nation or helping his fragile family stay together when his wife can no longer stay in the middle east and returns to the west.

The other story is this CIA middle man (George Clooney) who is struggling with adpating to post Cold-War tatics and ends up being pawn for the bad guys. I won't give that one away.

Youth would like this movie for the characters (actors) but the story is maybe too complicated. I would say it was worth getting dragged to.


Blogger blair said...

So we know about the plot of the film but what was your reaction? Given the current political status of the Middle East, was this a provocative look or simply stating the status quo? Was the movie original in any way? What sort of message was it conveying and how did it convey it? Did it prompt a response in your friends?

9:06 p.m., January 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The movie reflects a what if? or maybe this could be true... It portrays what a concerned leader of a country could do for his people however greed overrides that issue. The movie was an original concept that spoke volumes of information for the ignorant. My friends and I discussed after the movie the concept of how current nations of power are not as easily swade by powerful.


10:17 a.m., January 27, 2006  
Blogger bloggggggs said...

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4:58 a.m., February 22, 2006  

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