Sunday, January 22, 2006

American Idol

A post from Caterina

Watching "American Idol" on Tuesday January 17th and Wednesday January 18th, 2006--
Besides the name for the show, which I have a problem with but wont get into it right now, I have always had interesting comment it. Most of the youth I know today, even though very much Canadian, prefer watching "American Idol" instead of the Canadian Version ("Canadian Idol" is not as amusing). I wonder why?
I spent a couple of hours watching the new season on Tuesday and Wednesday to figure out what was the big commotion around the show now going into season five. I have watched a few times previously, so I was aware of some of what went on. With that said, you would think that i would not have been so surprised as I was on Tuesday. Many times it seems like the show made it a point to show or talk about certain people, so that the audience would think they were funny. Other times it seemed that one of the judges made it a point to really put the person down that just had finished singing. This make me have a bunch of mixed feelings about the show. Finding talent or looking for talent is not a bad thing or wrong to do, but it is the way you go about doing it that could change everything and bring a negative undertone that should not be there. As a person who loves to worship God in song, singing and stage presence probably has a different meaning for me than most people( especially to Paula, Simon, Randy and the others of the show). That is also another topic in its self! I also know that if you set your heart to something you can put forth your best and accomplish every goal set in front of you. I do believe in achieving excellence, even in singing, but the right motives need to be there.
My questions are: Why crush someone just because they do not fit into what the ideal "American Idol" is? I understand that it takes courage and passion to go in front of judges and TV to sing, so why then use some of the rude remarks like "you suck", "your useless", "don't even bother trying next year" etc. by the judges (mostly Simon). What is this saying to "American/Canadian" teens/people today? I can admit there were times I was laughing (mostly at the facial expressions of Paula, Simon, and Randy), and also times when I was happy for the person that was selected. It might also be safe to say that some of the contestants try out just for fun or even just to be on TV. But why do people even want to do that? What is the ideal "American/Canadian Idol"? What standards are the judges judging by? And why are people allowing a select few tell them really what is talent and what is not? I watched as people came on the show saying that they were unique and different, but all wanted to be the "American Idol" for this year. People always aspire to be something else instead of being who God wants them to be--themselves.
Even though I was troubled at times watching on Tuesday and Wednesday (selection process) I think that I will probably take up watching it again when the final 20 people take the stage to see what happens at the end of it all.
What do you all think?

Bless, Caterina

A Joint in the Body of Christ


Blogger Melissa said...

Call me mean, but I laugh out loud watching that show - ok, sometimes I'm actually stunned and silent!

I understand what Caterina is saying and agree that Simon takes it way too far sometimes, and hurts peoples feelings...but I cannot for the life of me understand how many of those people think they sing well! You can hear your own voice!

Although it is not fair to call someone "useless" or "hopeless" these people really can't sing and yet so many try out...mindboggling.

I have seen them except people that, in terms of 'image' don't fit the american idol pop culture "look" (ex. clay when he started) so really at this point in the game it is mostly about talent - and getting people to tune in to the show to laugh at those who don't have musical talent...mean yes, but they auditioned...maybe their families should have told them the truth!

2:32 p.m., January 24, 2006  
Blogger McDLT said...

Not much was mentioned with the differences between Canadian and American Idol.

I find the United States version way more cruel, even after the auditions.

The Canadian one is more about accepting people's uniqueness and focuses on the personalities.

Just some thoughts.

12:09 p.m., January 27, 2006  
Blogger blair said...

Having never watched either of these shows, is mcdlt correct?

3:33 p.m., January 27, 2006  
Anonymous anna said...

Mcdlt is correct in one sense. The Canadian show may accept people's personalities and uniqueness a bit more but I still think the underlying concept of the show is the same as the American one. There is a select group of people judging what they believe is talent and setting their own standards of talent. And having friends in the entertainment industry, I must say that no matter who you are or where you go, you are gonna be influenced to be someone you're not. Unfortunately it comes with the job and if that's something you cannot handle or find peace with, the entertainment industry is not for you. So yes, the Canadian show IS better and "nicer", but with the nature of the show concept, I think that its near impossible to stand away from the problems we see in these shows. Just my opinion...

1:40 a.m., February 01, 2006  

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