Sunday, January 22, 2006


A post from Alexander

I got an XBOX game system for my birthday this year from my mommy (I know, 22 years old, still getting toys for my birthday) and I was pretty excited when I got it, knowing that once school started again I wouldn't be able to play it, because I would have to make myself busy by reading so much. Over the holidays I played the thing til my eyes watered and there was a groove in the couch from my butt. Then, like I said I would, when school started I decided I would not play it. Sadly, not the case, I was about half-way through beating this one game and it was all I could think about (funny story; I had a dream that I was a marine soldier last night...just like in the game) therefore I would sit down to try to read, but the system was just staring at me, calling me, whispering sweet nothings to of course I obliged. Finally I beat the stinkin' game, but was quite dissappointed at this time with how much effort I had put into it, and how much reading I had NOT done.

Thinking about my Gr.10 small group Bible study (about 12 kids) and the fact that when we get together we mostly just play XBOX, I started to wonder if they're school, and social lives in general suffer simply because they have a video-game system in their house. I grew up playing video-games, and I wouldn't say I'm a gamer, but I just love to be entertained by these things, but I grew up on Nintendo, then Super-Nintendo/Sega Genesis...the fact that kids now are growing up with games that are so much more entertaining may actually be worse off for them.
I heard on the radio that college grades among guys are dropping, and also that video-game play-time is, these two could be as related as Kathy-Lee Gifford and Shaquille O'Neill, but on the other hand they could make a lot of sense being correlated. I have witnessed first-hand now (unlike when I lived at college and had time to spare to play video-games) having a job/wife/hardest semester yet, and still trying to squeeze in some personal entertainment, just won't work, the more I do it, the less I'll work, and then everything suffers.

Bottom line...XBOX is the devil, but if anyone has NHL 2K6 they would like to sell me for under $20 gimme a call cause I really wanna try it.

-alex street


Anonymous anna said... boyfriend like his xbox too, but I don't let him play unless he gets all his work done.

I think people, possibly especially high school and college students, are not disciplined enough to keep up with all their responsibilities and balance entertainment time as well. But discipline is a must to be successful in any area of our lives is it not? Maybe you can practice it by allowing yourself to play "x" amount of time for "y" amount of reading you do. It's a start right?

If you want cheap games look on ebay. And if you're having difficulty buying or winning bids, come talk to me, I'm awesome at it =)

1:31 a.m., January 30, 2006  
Blogger Nyssa said...

"XBOX is the devil". An overstatment maybe, but it's pretty close. My boyfirend is into it... mainly playing Halo2 on it. I've seen first hand how it takes many hours out of one's day and sucks you in, but specifically wit Halo2, your normally playing with other people. I have seen that it's not the worst thing in the world. It can bring people together if used properly. It can create a sence of community. Maybe that's a stretch, but it's possible. Four - eight guys getting together every night to play games together... why is that so bad? We watch movies that are three hours long and don't interact with each other during that time at all. Which one is worse? Just a thought.

11:02 a.m., February 02, 2006  
Anonymous Adam said...

Yeah I have to comment on the BOX

It has been discovered that men like boxes, TV is a Box, Computer is a box, steros are several boxes. all kinds of shapes and sizes, I think that the X Box is a Jr. Box for young men to get hooked into this whole Box thing,

the garage is a box, even books are cleverly designed boxes. Most sports fields are boxes,

Men lets get out of the Boxes, get into nature, get some fresh air and maybe go fishing, oh wait, thereis a tackle box, we just can't get rid of these boxes.

Oh well, might as well get them young,


1:24 a.m., February 03, 2006  
Blogger blair said...

Is there anything to the content of the games that are played? Most games are addictive and so there is always that argument for X-box as devil but is there something about the game itself that is offensive? Is it bad to have militaries producing first person shooter games? Is there something different about playing online than playing by yourself? A group of guys at my church are obsessed with SOCOM at the moment and talk to each other using their headsets continually while they play. Isn't it a little freaky to have your relationship based on how many frags you can get?

10:05 p.m., March 06, 2006  

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