Sunday, March 04, 2007

CFRB Talk Radio - a post by Ryan

When I am in the car I tune to 10 10am and listen Bill Carol in the morning, who usually talks about nothing important. The Mots are on in the afternoon (a married couple) who are unbelievably still married after taking so many different stands from each other and John Moore in on the way home, who is the most controversial. It doesn't seem to matter who the host is because they all take calls and usually cut off the caller and reinstate their own opinion. To me this is the best part of all their shows because its funny to hear the people call in thinking that everyone listening is going to hear their personal opinion and that it actually matters. Of course their opinions are only there for the entertainment of people like me and the talk show host who make them even more entertaining. I listen all the time but never once have had the desire to call in, but find it hilarious when others do.

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Blogger Heejun said...

I think the same when I listen to talk radio. I enjoy someone's telling his or her personal life. It is entertaining as the producers or talk show host desired. They make me fall into the show. But how about teens? Do they listen to the radio these days? Radio presents its own selected music and programmed time in usual way. But today's teen likes to pick what they want. They want to listen what they choose. They have clear preference for everything. How can they understand the older people who live in radio culture?

1:46 a.m., March 12, 2007  

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