Sunday, February 05, 2006


A post by Luke

Tonight I watched UFC 57 at my apartment after work with some guys from my building. It was a pay-per-view item that was in the forty dollar range. I simply came home and stumbled onto my roommates watching it, so I joined in. I had no intention of watching this event nor do I know much about this sport. Within minutes I was captivated, sucked right into it. Two men an octagon and pretty much no rules, what could get any better? I sat through three fights and enjoyed every minute of it.

UFC is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports on TV. It takes boxing, WWE wrestling, jujitsu and other fighting styles to a whole new level. It is violent it is bloody and it was very entertaining. I was glued to my seat as two men pounded their first on each others skulls until one bleeds to much or the other mans brain looses understanding of where it is.

I couldn’t help but be reminded by the people cheering in the coliseum centuries ago while men were ripped apart by lions and killed by other men’s bare hands. People found that entertaining at the time. What about now, I would not watch someone get killed, of course not. The reality is if something went wrong in the octagon and a hit went to the head the wrong way a man could die, would I then be entertained? What happens when UFC is no longer the Ultimate way to fight? What will come after it that will push the envelope? I think our culture is sliding on a slippery slope, what starts out as radical becomes the norm and then almost tame.

I enjoyed watching the UFC and found it very fun to watch. Was it wrong to watch two men pound on each other? Or is it just another competitive sport where the guys give respect to each other at the end and no harm done? Is there underlying themes presented in such an event that bring out my sinful nature to hurt another human just as Cain did to his brother Able? I am not sure either way, I guess that is one thing I will have to think about.


Blogger blair said...

The Romans always had a political edge to their games. Either the participants were political prisoners or the games themselves were paid for by some politician campaigning. Are there more analogies between UFC and Roman fighting than the simple ? Are these guys lower class fighting on the behalf of upper class folks? Who makes the real money off of this? By watching the fight are you getting distracted from something else?

9:52 p.m., March 12, 2006  

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