Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fall Out Boy

a post by Luke

From Under the Cork Tree
Ok here is a prime example of a band that was at one point underground and relatively unknown to the general population. Most of their fans loved the fact that they were not plastered all over the top billboards. They would pride themselves in saying “I like Fall Out Boy”, because the majority of people they would say that to had no clue who they were talking about. It created this separation between the fans and the general public and brought each fan to an intimate connection with the bands music, until now. The band with their latest album, From Under the Cork Tree, has catapulted them into the next biggest emo/punk bands in North America. They have two songs that made it into the top ten of the Pop 100 charts from this CD, Dance Dance, and Sugar Were Going Down. Now the band is playing in sold out Arena shows instead of musty club venues with cramped stages and small capacity. I will have to say though that I really found this CD a lot of fun. Why, because it is so catchy and fun. If I was to be fully honest with you then I would be able to rip this album apart. As far as originality is concerned there is none. Any young group of friends that has any type of musical talent and can force their voice to sound like a wannabe British rock singer can come up with a band like this. The music is formulaic and the songs are straightforward. They are exactly what I have come to expect from a band that has two guitars a bass, drums and some well-done mastering in the studio. I heard a demo of Dance Dance, before it was fully mastered and “beefed up” as it were, and it sounded like crap I record on my computer with one microphone. I say all this in the end to just say, this is one of my favorite CDs right now. It is so addictive, their songs pull you in, even though they are straightforward and you can predict the next chord every time. I know when the bridge is coming and when they are going to climax the song with a voice singing the course an octave higher then the previous times. No matter how I judge it though, even though I know it is pop-culture now, and the independent flavor is gone, I still thought that this was a great CD. There were songs about relationships, mainly bad ones though. Songs about how the band does not care if they are “number one with a bullet” aka top of the billboard charts. They are in it not for the fame but “for the scars and stories”. I respect what image the band portrays, how they don’t care about being popular but that they just love the music. Well I wish that was true but I bet they don’t mind having all this extra spending money!!


Blogger blair said...

You'll be disappointed to find out that the ACC plays Dance, Dance during commercial breaks at Leafs games. Good tune, perhaps not great for hockey games.

10:07 p.m., March 12, 2006  

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