Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reading List

Since 1995 I have kept track of every book that I have read. The rules are simple. I read a book. I write it down on the list. If I've skipped significant sections or have only read certain chapters, the book doesn't count. While doing grad work that had a deleterious effect on my lists (reading Barth is not a cover to cover experience for me).

The list on the side bar had become sadly out of date. For instance, in the past two days week I've read two books that didn't even make it on the list (I figured the whole world, at least teenage male world had already read Eragon and Eldest I better hop to it). It isn't that I finished the books listed there but they just weren't getting read. I've decided a new, simple rule for the side bar list. I must have read each book on the list within 14 days of my most recent post. Hopefullly that will show more accurately what I'm reading.



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