Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blogs and Facebook - a post by Shauna

It has only been since I've been attending the Freeway in Hamilton, that I have become acquainted with the blogging world. For a church which focusses so much on community, the was a way that the people felt would keep them in touch and up to date with the things going on in each others lives. Blogs consisted of random thoughts, photos, silly stories and even some more in depth thought. This I found to be very interesting and decided to begin one myself. Although I am not as consisted with my blogging as many of those who attend the Freeway, I do however enjoy browsing through the blogs of others. I do find it interesting to see what the week holds for the people at my church when I am not around to personally ask them. It seems that the blogging system at the Freeway has been certainly serving its purpose in building community even outside the church walls. While it does appear to be a little antisocial or lacking in community, I personally have found that it has opened doors of conversation on a Saturday nigtht or Sunday service. When I am browsing through the blog of a person that I don't know well or wouldn't normally have a chat with, I find pieces of information which I can relate to or something exciting in a person's life, such as a birth or a new pet which I can talk to them about. Blogging is definitely a different approach to attempting to be build community but in some weird way...It works!

Similar to the blogging world is the Myspace and facebook world. Now this is something that I vowed never to get tangled up with however as of this past month I've been sucked in. I always thought that myspace and facebook were just a waste of time and energy. Although, I've found that its been another very interesting way to keep in touch with friends and even find old ones. It has been an amazing experience for me, especially with facebook, for I have been able to find many of my high school friends. There were about 10 people who I haven't talk to either since high school or since they moved during middle school and it was very exciting for me to be able find out where they were living, what school they were attending and the plans that they had for their lives. While I will admit such websites can be a little addicting and time consuming, I do believe that when used properly and within a balance they can be another means of creating community and expressing ones creativity.

So can community be created online? I think my answer would have to be, I guess it does!


Blogger Debs said...

I have fallen into the same trap! I vowed not to get either a blog, myspace account, or facebook, but like a moth I was drawn to the flame! For me it started as a great procrastination tool, but the more time that I spend on them the more I find myself connecting with people I haven't seen for years! I agree with you, I believe that they can be considered a community, a little excluding at times, but a community none the less. With event invitations, birhtdays, concerts, and thoughts being shared everyday, you're connected, up-to-date, and aware of what's going on in the lives of others. Globalization! I tells ya (noting Newfie accent)!!!!

2:41 p.m., February 17, 2007  
Blogger Gordon said...

haha..i find it funny how deb mentioned the word 'globalization' in this comment, cuz we had a topical discussion on globalization in our global x class. we were assigned to find something that we think best shows what globalization meant, and i remember debs group chose facebook and myspace. it is a really good way of connecting with people, finding lost friends, and even family. BUT, can facebook move as far as across world? how do you think we can connect with someone in nigeria with facebook? i think the percentage of members whom connect with people on the other side of the world is pretty low, mainly because they don't know them.

yea, facebook is really good though. some of my friends since kindergarton found me and we haven't see each other in years!!
my next question: do you think web communities like facebook and myspace have replaced physical community, like sport teams and art museums. does a (biblical) community have to be physical, and have web commmunities replaced physical communities?

3:00 p.m., February 19, 2007  
Blogger -jess- said...

I too have been sucked into the blogging/myspace/facebook world. As much as I would rather catch up with my friends and be involved in thier lives in person, that's not necessarily something that I can do with my friends who are away at University or have moved away...etc..
I have found that connecting/re-connecting and keeping in touch with people has been much easier. Like you said, even just reading people's blogs and relating to what it is they may be going through I think is a great way to achieve community. I don't feel it's the only way...but it definately is possible.

12:05 p.m., March 04, 2007  

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