Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is GTA to blame - a post by Aaron

Is Grand Theft Auto to blame?
By: Aaron Liscombe

When I was playing the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas I found it very entertaining. Running around shooting people, stealing cars and drugs, joining gangs and starting wars and assassinating random people was more fun then it should have been. After the prostitute came into my car and did her services and the random girls running around in thong bikinis I started to second-guess the morals and values of the game. Although it was fun living the “bad life” through a video game, I came to realize that it was not the best game to play as a Christian. Satan does lure us with many tempting things. Obviously, that does not mean that they are good. Grand Theft Auto is a very entertaining game, but does promote pretty much every sin imaginable.

I don’t think that games like these have negative impacts on everyone, but it definitely does not promote anything that is good or Christ-like in any manner. The stories I have heard about kids playing games like this is beyond crazy. Different forms of media influence many people. To some, media runs their lives. Not only is killing a person and sleeping with prostitutes absolutely morally wrong, but this game makes it fun to do these kinds of things. The only negative impact it has on the person playing the game is police chase and try to kill them. In turn, the gamer also gets to kill the police. If the character (CJ) in the game does die, or gets busted, then they only lose a few thousand dollars and they are right back into the killing and stealing fun again. This game allows people to do the worst things they could imagine and have no consequences at all. They are able to just die and come back to life whenever they want.

When you think about how far video games have come since the very first game to the newest Playstation 3 it is crazy. From the game like Pong, to the newest Grand Theft Auto that is about to come out. Not only the graphics have changed and not only the video game industry changed. It is like the world is getting more and more violent and less moral every day. As if the only values people have is money, sex, and a good time. Can we blame violent games like Grand Theft Auto for this outcome? I believe they do have some influence, but minor compared to other things like bad parenting, awful role models like Eminem and Paris Hilton, and the lack of God in peoples lives. I don’t think that video games have a huge influence in people’s lives. It is more of the people that youth look up to. It is the false guidance that the youth’s role models give that is turning this world into a literal hellhole. If you are looking for something and someone to blame for the outcome of today’s youth, look at the relationships they have with their parents and at the people who they actually look up to for advice and guidance. Don’t use youths past time as an excuse of why people turn out the way they do. Look at the source of the problem, which are the relationships with their role models. This does not take away that Grand Theft Auto is an immoral video game, but it is not the cause of continual downfall of humanity. It is just a mere outcome of what the world has become.


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