Monday, February 05, 2007

The Death of Hip-Hop - a post by Geoff

One of the things that I have thought about speaking on is the state of Hip-Hop. Recently there have been a lot of older artists, saying that Hip-Hop is dead. In a way I agree with these legends. I am upset to see what state it is in right now; as all it talks about is sex, drugs and violence.

Some people might say that it has always seemed that way. To a degree yes, however I started listening to Hip-Hop when I was 12 years ago, just before it attacked the mainstream. This is back when it was unheard of for a white kid such as myself; to listened to more than just the Beastie Boys. I was more diverse than that; I listened to KRS-ONE, Rakim and RUN-DMC, who never got hardcore about those vices.

For me that was the prime of Hip-Hop. Other people would have to agree with this statement. However, during the time of Biggie Smalls and 2Pac it had finally broke into the mainstream, giving Varity to new listeners.

The way that Rap or Hip-Hop is now is a joke. It is all these ‘fools’ for the south and mid –west that have taken over and made it ridiculous. Just as some rappers blamed the West coast for the original perversion of Hip-Hop; such as Common. The rappers that are coming out now have no substance and have little to no ability. Strangely it all jumped off by a small MC out of New York named Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 cent. An underground rapper who had been shot 9 times after calling out some Hip-Hop legends. From the birth of 50 cent, the Hip-Hop world has been sent into a downward Spiral. It got to a point were it does not matter about your abilities on the mic; regarding lyrics and flow. It’s all about marketing and what has happened to them. I would say about 90% of all rappers from the south and surrounding areas wouldn’t have been able to make it into Hip-Hop 8 years ago. Not because they would be too young to rap, but because they are garbage. Most of them lack talent and substance. Now since it is a huge hype-fest, anyone that is marketable is given a deal. For example Kevin Federline and groups like Dem Franchise Boyz; that the youth that come into my drop in listen to. It is getting outlandish, with these talent less thugs who get into the game because they know top people in the music business. Nobody puts in the hard work that is needed, but they still get rewarded. This goes against the all of the hard work their predecessors had to put in, just to get a demo. If this wave of garbage continues Hip-Hop will be dead and possible gone for good.

However there is still a little hope there are two new artists who could be the potential saviors of Rap and Hip-Hop. They are Saigon and Joe Budden. These two guys have had mainstream battles. But could not last because they are not marketable. Yet they rule the underground and mixtape world. With phenomenal lyrics, steady flow, and Hip-Hop fundamentals. They have a chance to succeed were others have failed. Nevertheless the over side if these two do not get help anytime soon. Then true Hip-Hop will die and garbage will prevail.

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