Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Marine - a post by Andrew

The Marine is about a man who was discharged by the U.S. Navy and is having a hard time fitting in. Because of this, he and his wife decide to take a holiday to the mountains so John Triton can get used to not being in the army. When his wife gets kidnapped by some murdering thieves he stops at nothing to get back his wife and kill the bad guys.

Getting ready to sit down to watch this movie I know what I was in for from the very start, a straight up action movie in the vain of the 80's, big explosions, over the top action scenes and bad acting. But let’s be honest, does one ever come to one of these movies look for either a story or acting. I will be honest here, I love these movies, I grew up on them and today will waste an hour and a half to two hours just watching this kind movie. So looking back at this kind of movie; one keeps score like this; how many car got blown up, how many building got blown up, how many people got killed. The Marine stacks up well with all it predecessors that have gone before it. Here is the score; three building got blown up, one of them being a gas station which was the biggest one of the movie. Three cars got blown up, one of them was blown up by a RPG (which is a rocket launcher). Ten people were killed, the worst being thrown from a moving transport truck into the windshield of a bus. This movie is a lower rated version of Commando staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So watching this movie was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean there is a lot of negative criticism against a wrestle playing the main character thanks by in large by Hulk Hogan. But I did enjoy watching this movie, the action scene were good, the story somewhat bad but not horrible. I saw myself a few times getting excited about the explosions and the action scenes and almost cheering when Triton killed one of the bad guys. I guess you could say that I was getting lost in the action and that was not wrong, I was and it was a waste of an hour and a half.


Blogger Debs said...

Ha! Andrew I'm right there with you! I love a good, over the top action movie! Yes, movies such as these can have a bad influence on the viewers, but for me and from the sounds of it you as well, can see it for what it really is, a movie. It isn't real life, we know how to seperate ourselves from it! I have a lot of faith in teens today and I trust that they can see that movies such as the Marine, The Transporter, Crank and anything starring, Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Dam or Arnie as just mindless entertainment and nothing more! As for that's stuff's sick!

3:09 p.m., February 17, 2007  

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