Sunday, March 04, 2007

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - a post by Hee Jun

The series of Harry Potter have created a great popularity in the world. Over time Harry Potter grows up with the development of stories. The movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is based on the third book of Harry Potter series. This third one made Harry Potter become a thirteen years old boy and third grader in his magic school. He lost his parents when he was a baby. So he was raised by his aunt’s family. He received an unfair treatment and unloving care. This movie begins with his rebellious and twisted actions toward the family. Maybe he doesn’t think he belongs to them at all. This kind of life seems so sad to him but he finds good friendships and meaningful adventures from magic school.

I love Harry Potter stories because I involve in children’s ministry now. Children as well as teens love to talk about Harry Potter. They usually read books first and then watch movies. They can compare between two kinds of works. The magic school named Hogwarts is like any other ordinary schools. There are many characters in the stories just like today’s teens. But the main character, Harry Potter has extraordinary powers and fight against the evil one with bravery. In the end he always wins and brings back comfort to everyone. He becomes a hero. He uses the power by means of magic in order to save his school and friends. We can’t imagine it in our real world but the ordinary teen who has a special life in the movie makes it possible. We know that this is not real and biblical. However, some kids in my Sunday School believe that the magic thing is fascinating and powerful. They really love this kind of story.

Their thoughts are easy to be affected by any cultural things around them. Even I love to be in the cultural life. But I sense that popular culture like Harry Potter is needed to be filtered through Christian perspective because young students still need good guidance in every way.


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