Sunday, March 04, 2007

Facebook - a post by Rebecca

It is true - I have been sucked into the growing trend of facebook. At first, my unwillingness to join baffled my friends. But perhaps peer pressure got the best of me? As I was watching a friend of mine browse around on facebook one afternoon, I started to see why people were enjoying this latest internet craze. I had already been aquainted with myspace and enjoyed wandering around my friends pages from time to time, but did I really need to join another community of online friends? Apparently I did!

Facebook is so much different than myspace. It is far more exclusive and private. I look forward to opening my page, knowing that there are not a million and one friend requests from people halfway around the world (why do they feel the need to be my "friend" anyways?). From my understanding, in order to view other people's pages, you must first be connected through a mutual network (and even that doesn't seem to work at all times...). Either way, I don't need to understand all the logistics of facebook to say that I have come to really enjoy it!

There have been so many people from my high school that I thought I would never see again who have found me on facebook! Its incredible to see how they have changed (or stayed the same!) over the last few years. Its like one big high school reunion - internet style! I can honestly say that I love being on facebook. I rarely check my myspace account anymore because everyone I know on there has switched over to facebook. I find it a lot easier to use and I love being in touch with all of my friends again.


Anonymous Sawicki said...

I have also gotten into this facebook craze. I somehow get this weird sense of pleasure opening my email to find a message from facebook, saying that this person has added you as a friend, or this person has posted on your wall. I really do think it is neat that you can stay in touch with people that you otherwise would have never or rarely seen again after highschool or even elementry school. But at the same time part of my doesnt feel right about it. Like there are days when I get frustrated with facebook, friendships cant be pushed deeper with facebook, you cant really catch up with people over the internet. I mean maybe you can get a sense of where a person is gone with their life, but really facebook is so shallow. I dont know, I just feel that it is just another popularity contest or something, yet in a false community. I think facebook is a neat tool but something that we need to be aware that it doesnt take the place of strong friendships. Rebecca trust me this is not a negative post against you or anything, because trust me I am in pretty much in the same place as yourself, I enjoy facebook, probably even a bit too much.

8:55 p.m., March 07, 2007  

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