Monday, February 19, 2007

NBA All Star Weekend 2007 - by Andrew

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Anonymous Josh James said...

Snider, I agree, this year’s NBA All Star weekend was okay, but it definitely left much to be desired. It seemed like the players were having an amazing time on the sidelines when they weren’t involved in any of the games or activities (example Shaq’s slot machine shoe, or the dance off at the Eastern team’s practice), but during the games, it was like they put it on cruise control, they definitely weren’t trying, typical for an all star game. The most boring part of the entire All-Star weekend festivities though was clearly the all star game itself. However, there were a few sick dunks, Lebron’s reverse and Bosh’s windmill.

The Dunk Competition this year was better than most. Ever since Vince blew everyone out of the water when he stuck his arm in the net, the contest had been fairly predictable and dull. I thought this year’s contest was really good; it was good to see the players helping each other out and having fun together, like Nate Robinson volunteering to be used in Gerald Green’s Dee Brown impression. Today, athletes are just as much tools for selling products as they are competitors and they seem to be in trouble with the law or greedily demanding more money regularly. During all star weekend it was positive for youth to see their role models having fun and playing the sport they love. I still think this year’s game was missing the sweet blue/silver and white/silver uniforms that were rampant in the NBA All Star games of the early 90s.

3:30 p.m., March 01, 2007  

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