Sunday, February 04, 2007

Two Concerts - a post by Rebecca

It is true. I enjoy music. I love going to concerts and perhaps this is why I enjoy my role in the band Addison Drive - while I have no musical influence over them whatsoever, I am their "manager" of sorts. Though this is an interesting topic to explore, that is not the nature of this blog. This blog that I am writing about is centered around two seperate concerts that I recently attended. One concert was in a venue downtown Toronto - the other in a church in Oshawa.

Do you know what the major difference was between the two? Take a wild guess....the location? Ok, I suppose that was different as I had to drive a it farther to Toronto than I did to Oshawa. The music? Not so much...both places had very talented bands playing. The audience? No...both had young adults and teenagers present. The light show? Of course the church did not have as many lights, but they were still present. Then what was the major difference you might ask? I have asked myself this very question many many times. Yes, the church was better supervised than a downtown Toronto venue and alcohol was sold or permitted there! But other than that, the two shows were so similar! The bands set up, played their set, were cheered by the audience at the end of every song and packed up their gear for home at the end of the night. Both concerts had talented people on stage doing what they do best - playing music. Both concerts even had Christians behind the mic saying God gave them their talent and they owe everything they have to Him.

I told someone this last week and I was surprised by their reaction...they were upset that there was a concert at a church that was comparable to a concert downtown Toronto! I couldn't even grasp their frustration, but there it was right before me. And before I knew what I had started, a can of worms had been opened. I am still astonished at their reaction. Out of this individual's rantings, I heard them say that God never intended the church to become a concert hall....umm....excuse me, but didn't Jesus call us to use our individual giftings for his Glory? And if that means a group of people have started a band to bring teenagers into the church and tell
them what God has already accomplished in their lives, isn't that a good thing? (I definately could have made the conversation even more interesting by bringing worship music into the debate, but I chose not to do so!) I am so proud that we have talented, creative individuals within the church who are comparable with the bands playing downtown Toronto in large venues! And I'm so thankful that there are churches willing to allow individuals to express their creativity to this generation of youth - whether thats through concerts, art galleries or other outlets within the church.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. I had a great time at both concerts meeting teenagers and youth adults. The music was amazing...did I mention that Addison Drive played at both shows? I think I forgot to tell that person ranting the same thing.

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