Sunday, February 04, 2007 - a post by Brennan

Among the many useless tidbits of information found on the web I ran across a most interesting web site with the premise of a ninja answering questions. However, most of the time the ninja uses a play on words and changes the entire meaning of the question. Hence sometimes the question is never answered, but a podcast is created. In other examples, the ninja will change a word by inserting ninja, or NIN into the word to make it only apply to ninjas.

What I found interesting is in how the podcasts have developed throughout the episodes. This is a fairly new show that is produced on what seems every two weeks. As of this post the thirty-second podcast was aired, which would thus make it barely over a year old. In this short span it has had three different background changes and a major overhaul in the editing and costume departments.

I would like to say that I watch this podcast every time it is aired, but I tend to go back once a month and watch the last couple of podcasts that I have missed. The reason I watch it is it is very humorous. I do believe that it would be funny to many types of audience, and not only to my worldview. This is because the puns and jokes are from basic things that many of us can relate to. In essence, this ninja has made a world of his own and shares it every week. This in no way has any real relevance to what is going outside of this website.

What I dislike about this site is the commercialism that has intruded upon the site. The podcasts will now start with a 'brought to you clip' and end with something they want to sell to you. This
was not always the case, and I understand the financial aspect of running a site like this. However, I feel that I have to avoid consumerism everywhere else I go in life, why can't a fun website stay away from it?

In all, this web site can be seen as another site to waste your time on, or it can be scene as comic relief to a world that on a general basis needs it.

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Blogger Joel said...

I think the reclaimed love for things like Ninjas and pirates are interesting, it makes me nostalgic to say the least, there are many times I will be talking with friends and say things like "remember bobby's world?" nostalga is fun, and I believe Ninjas are a part of that.


8:45 a.m., February 05, 2007  

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