Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stomp the Yard - a post by Jason

The movie "Stomp the Yard" is about a young man leaving the streets of Los Angeles to pursue University and gets involved in a street-stepping dance championship known as "stomping."

The movie starts out with DJ Williams, his brother and his gang get into a brawl after winning an underground dance championship. DJ's brother is killed in the brawl and he is thrown into jail for getting into the fight. His uncle tries to help bail him out by sending him to Truth University, an African-american university in Atlanta. DJ becomes intrested in the step-dancing competition and joins one of the frat clubs He also tries to win the heart of a girl who's boyfriend is the captain of the opposing team.

As a movie, it was pretty good, but formulaic. The best thing I got this movie was exposure to a culture I'm not a part of. As a culture study, the movie looks at fraternities, education, hip-hop, African-american culture, love, brotherhood, community, street dancing and more. It was interesting to see that in 2006, we still have segretation between the races in the states. Truth University was exclusively african-american.

The movie seemed to emphasize the importance of getting a good education, and that this knowledge (as well as the frat DJ is a part of) is what shapes DJ into a good individual. There's a lot that could be commented on that-does knowledge makes us good? Heck, is Greek philosophy a good system of education? I throw it out there that the Bible writers were Hebrew, NOT Greek thinkers.

For me, this movie made me ask some tough questions- How can I become the incarnation of God to these people? Does that mean I have to go a to night-club, go to a bar, or experience hip-hop?

I leave you with these questions to think about.

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