Thursday, March 22, 2007

Canadian Youth Workers Conference

I've been lame because I haven't gotten either the Presbyterian Church in Canada or Tyndale officially behind this, but my lameness isn't based on politics or because I think the event will suck. Quite to the contrary. I think it will be a great event and canadafire has gone out of its way to build a diverse group of folks to support it. I know it's out West, which makes it difficult for poor Tyndale students to go for instance, but we'll see what we can do. Check it out.



Anonymous darian said...


thanks for the post...
i really hope we can see some students from ontario coming out. the youth specialties academic support network has some amazing deals for youth ministry programs involved in their network. i'm excited that you are behind this. i'm feeling the love.

11:03 a.m., March 26, 2007  

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