Sunday, May 06, 2007


Having just returned from two weeks away, marks are still on my mind. I spent a good chunk two weeks ago marking papers/exams. Last week I was in mark obsessed Princeton. Not that there is anything original in this CBC article, it makes me wonder two things.

First, a friend hypothesizes that 10% of the population is academically inclined, 10% of university students have no right to be there and the other 80% hover in the middle. My experience so far is that this is roughly true. Out of 20 students last semester, 2 failed (for plagiarism), 3 got higher than 85% and the rest were in the middle.

Second, what is the role of marks in a Christian context. I'm not grading someone's salvation, or even if they are good ministers. I'm loathe to play either the academic game or the economic game. At the same time, I'm also loathe to allow the Christian community to do anything less than honour God with our whole mind.



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