Saturday, May 12, 2007

Father Green

I met an invisible friend today. An invisible friend is someone that you know, likely through their writings, but they don't know you. Part of my Master's thesis was based on Father Tom Green S.J. and his work. I found his Weeds among the Wheat to be a practical and wise take on Ignatian discernment that helped guide some of my initial thoughts on vocation. His talks today were on the role of the spiritual director and while there were not earth shattering new insights, it was quite good to meet him and to hear his wisdom in person.

I also met Gordon T. Smith, an evangelical scholar who did his dissertation work on Wesley and Ignatius. Interesting since I'm coming at from a more Reformed (Calvin, Barth) perspective. We had a good but too brief discussion at the end of his second talk.

For more info check out open hearts . . . open minds . Eventually the four talks will be available as MP3's so if vocation and discernment are your things, check them out.



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