Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Posting Tips

Had some interesting experiences on Facebook lately where folks are either a) more honest than they should be about what they are currently doing b) posting things that likely will not look good in the future. This post would help avoid situations like that. Worth it for the commercials. Parents should definitely see these although they are aimed at teens. Here is a summary of the rules posted at Totally Wired.

- "Sexy" or provocative photos showing the subject(s) in any state of undress. Not only is this bad for employers, but these pics will attract predators.

- Photos showing the subject(s) drinking or using illegal drugs. This also expands into posting images of pot leaves or favorite liquor ads. Even if teens aren't drinking or smoking pot, it can give the impression they are.

- Blog entries that reveal too much or overshare. Tell teens to keep this type of online journal private so only they or a friend or two can read it. Potential recruiters or employers don't need to know about your personal drama.

- Blog entries or photos that show an anti-work ethic - like a big quote saying "Take this job and shove it!" Teens should also never denigrate a current or former employer online.

- Violent or sexually explicit lyrics, songs or videos. Even if it's just a band or song a teen loves, employers may get the wrong idea.



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