Sunday, January 29, 2006

CSI and I

a post by James

I have to say that almost from the get-go I have been a huge fan of the TV show CSI. It is enthralling, at least to me. I have never been a huge fan of the spin-off shows, rather I stick to the good 'ol Las Vegas crew. This show actually inspired me to seriously consider forensics at one point in my life, and that dream has not been fully abandoned. This show has almost everything you could ask for, and then some.
One thing the show seems to grasp, is great characters. Gil Grissom is the introvert leader of the crew, he is rather cold and un-leader like, but you still seem to love the character. Others, like Nick and Warrick make you want to be as cool as they, and Greg adds a youthful charm to the show. Sarah and Catherine make you wonder about women in Las Vegas, both tend to be snarky and self-righteous. Yet as I said you love them all, you feel for them. The next thing the show got right was plot lines. I have heard it said that the show is boring because it all the same thing. But I beg to differ, each show finds a new way to show the dark and seedy parts of life. Yet in the end you seem to see the normality of the CSI crew juxtaposed to that of the underworld. Some shows even contain messages about social issues and what not. It is a deep show.
Some of the negative aspects of the show are, well showing the dark side of humanity. Also the blood and guts used to show various wounds and injuries. And the show is super unrealistic, these people solve crimes in days, that would normally take months. Yet on that last note it is for the sake of a one hour TV show, forgivable.
I have since invested in the first four seasons of the show on DVD and am hoping for season five for my birthday. It is a great show, and if you have no idea what I was talking about above, I recommend that you check it out, and get back to me.

The Maple Leafs

a post by Anna

Leafs Game
On January 2, 2005, I attended my first-ever live hockey game. The Pittsburg Penguins came to the Air Canada Center to play against our Toronto Maple Leafs.

Being an avid and devoted hockey and Leafs fan, I do not believe there are enough words in the English language to truly depict my reaction(s) to this live experience. I felt a sense of excitement, anticipation, appreciation, hope, curiosity, pleasure, exposure, and joy all at one time, not only before and after the event but especially during. My feelings caused me to constantly grin, clap my hands in delight, and stay wide-eyed through the whole three hours of the hockey game. I even told my friends and blogged to the world both before and after I attended the event, posting picture after picture of my experience. The reaction(s) that this event brought out of me was rare therefore anyone could observe how wound up I was about it.

I think the way I shaped this experience resulted from my reaction to it. I believe that my anticipation and open-mindedness to the experience shaped it to be as grand as or even better than I had expected. I was willing to not only be myself and do things that came naturally to me, but join in to the reactions of the crowd. I was excited, prepared, drawn, and focused to the event. Had I not done some or anyway of these things, the experience would have been dull and a waste of resources.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a fantastic experience for me. It really caused me to appreciate everything that goes into an event like this. All the details such as security, food vendors, clothing, services, athletes, training, media, broadcasting, and video enabled me to see the big picture of it all. As a business major, I rarely am able to see so many points of a capitalistic industry and the countless number of its subdivisions all at once, however this experience allowed me to encounter this. In addition, I was also able to experience a true sense of unity. Although it was only for a brief three hours, it is rare to encounter such tight harmony amongst such a large number of people these days. Everywhere we look, and even in our churches we experience disunity but this experience reminded me that as humans, we should always be in a state of concord. Not only has this experience changed the way I see games on TV and has increased my love for the game, it has also reminded me to appreciate details, be grateful that I was able and had the resources to attend the event, and relate what I learned to different aspects of my life for growth and improvement.

US Weekly Magazine

A post by Anna

On January 18 2005, as I was going to the Wal-Mart check-out counter, I decided to buy a copy of this week’s “Us Weekly” magazine.

Although I don’t really buy magazines for I rarely find use in them unless a teacher assigns me to create a collage of pictures, I thought maybe one of these “popular” ones could give some insight into the way I interact with popular culture. Besides, I admit that I was a bit curious as to what “Angelina’s Big Secrets” were as listed on the front page. What I had purchased was a tabloid magazine talking about the latest celebrity gossip and news, and stylish or “unstylish” examples of clothing, hairstyles, make-up, and products. I admit that just as most gossip is, it was interesting to read, or look at rather (75% pictures), but I found absolutely no real substance to this 88 page magazine. It was interesting enough to be a time-filler, but afterward, I had felt like I had wasted a precious hour of my life.

Most people find these kinds of magazines pointless and full of rumours, however the point that should be made is that nevertheless, we are the ones who are still buying them! So as the general public eats up this pointless waste of paper, the editors and photographers are laughing as they are still making millions from us. Just as the act of me buying this magazine played a big part in how it shaped me, the fact that I was willing to read all the captions and few short articles, and even studied the pictures to understand what was going on, really proved that actions shape experiences. As much effort and resources I put into reading this magazine, I believe, I received just as much out of it. If I were to have skimmed through the magazine, I would not have received the content or what the magazine was trying to convey to me. I received exactly what the editors and writers were feeding me: to be interested, to be captivated, and most importantly, want more.

Through all the negativity in this magazine, I can admit that it indeed shaped me. First of all, it has caused me to truly detest wasting time. We should be good stewards of our resources and time plays a big factor in that. Although I have learned from this artifact, I do know that I could have done better things with my time, and will do so next time. Another thing this magazine has reminded me of, is that we must truly store up treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy. As this magazine promotes wealth and material goods, it has reminded me that there are more important things to life than what we can see with our physical eyes. Further, marriage is a lifelong commitment. So much of the content includes break up after break up after divorce. Divorce is not something that comes and goes like the passing of the wind therefore especially as Christians, we must not take marriage lightly. Lastly, it has frightened me that as the major target market for this magazine is obviously young women, there are millions of s taking in all this information and really putting it to heart. We must treat our bodies as a holy temple and must not infect it with the negative things of this world. This magazine has reminded me of all these truths and has encouraged me to turn away from what is evil.

a post by Anna

About 3 years ago, I signed up to a website called: The Weblog Community because I found my brother constantly on it. For 2 of those 3 years, I did not blog very much. Because of the lack of comments, I didn’t think anyone read my posts. Plus 3 years ago, it wasn’t a very famous site in Toronto, so I was limited to sharing with my few friends in the States. Then I subscribed to a stalker module so you could monitor who comes to your page. I was shocked to find out how many random people I knew or didn’t know, religiously log on to my page, sometimes a few times per day. At that point, I decided to not post so many pictures up, and carefully worded my posts. My posts eventually became meaningless and empty words. I even deleted my old posts so that people couldn’t read the comments that my friends had left me. I know it sounds like I’m being paranoid, but I still enjoy the privacy that the internet seems to be taking away. Believe it or not, it’s probably because I’ve had my share of online (and even offline) stalkers.

Anyway, the point of this is that I admitingly spent and do spend a lot of time and energy on this website. I make sure my posts do not share anything too detailed about my life, and I take the time deleting and maintaining my site. One day, I realized that the energy I was putting in to this site was not worth it. Why would I spend time and energy into words that don’t reflect the real me anyway? Well as you may have all experienced, things like Msn and MySpace keep us in contact with those we may have not kept in contact with. I post once in a while to keep in contact with acquaintances and that is what my deep experience with Xanga has become. It is interesting however that a lot of people find different functions for this site. I know a lot of people who use it as a diary, or those who use it as a forum, people who make it their picture album, and the list literally goes on. It just goes to show you how differently people interact with the same artifact.

Well, if you want, you can find me on the ‘Tyndalians” Blogring, but know that if I do take the time to post, you won’t find much substance to it.

The Family Guy

A post by Anna

Recently, I have been watching episodes of “The Family Guy” on ( is a site where people can upload videos and anyone can watch them for free) Although I’m usually too busy to watch TV, and years ago thought this show was too vulgar for my taste, a friend recently suggested that I watch it because “it’s so funny”.

If you’re a first-time watcher of this show, you will experience vulgarity like the word doesn’t even exist, constantly wonder if they’re allowed to say the things that they say on public TV, and marvel at the uniqueness of the show. From a Christian point of view, I would say that there is a lot of filth and rude comments that come from the distinct characters of the show. If you think “The Simpsons” is a bad show, I would highly suggest not watching this one.

However since the show started, there has become such a fan base for this show that it is the fourth-largest TV series seller ever. From swearing to ism, racism to homophobia, and making fun of literally all types of people, general or specific I really wonder what it is that makes this show so appealing. Maybe it’s the randomness of the characters or the fact that the show is good at portraying stereotypes outright. It could be that there is no other show out there like this one, which mixes all types of popular culture into one big mess of a show. I must say however, that I appreciate the clever thought, the satire, the use of popular culture, and current and historical events that this show is written with.

Out of my experience with this show, I admit that I should stop watching it. The time I put into watching the many different shows could definitely be better spent elsewhere; Or at least be spent watching more wholesome shows. Even though it constantly makes me laugh out loud, I have learned that what we put into our bodies is what will come out. I would like to keep my body as a holy temple and thus I should not take in the crudeness of this show. It’s not a good example to me as a Christian and although the mass North American public will still religiously watch this show, I will not. It is a good example however, of where our society is headed toward.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Fast Food

A post by Melissa

Fast Food?!?

It's late...I've been busy...There's still work to do...I'm hungry...What should I eat?...Ohhh neon lights...Burger King is open late!...Mmmmm

This scenario happens more in my life (or perhaps week) than I would like to admit, although the ending might change...I mean to McDonald's, Wendy's, or the like. Recently having purchased a number one combo from BK I thought about this class and realized that...I think I've been brainwashed!!

In the spirit of honesty I'll admit that there are times when time is not the issue and I literally desire, or look forward to the 'fast food' meal. Ever since I was little there was something appealing about 'going out for dinner', something exciting about the bright colours on the windows, something so tempting about that greasy smell that you actually believed that 'it wouldn't hurt'. Now a little older, but not a lot wiser I still rationalize my decision. "I'm so busy, and it's so convenient." It's convenient, but then so is the produce aisle at the grocery store, and I am busy but am I really that busy. Perhaps it's one of those 'what came first the chicken or the egg?' questions. With my growing scepticism for our consumer culture I'm wondering whether people got so busy that we NEEDED fast food, or the market wanted to capitalize on cheap food and gullible people and TOLD us we were so busy we needed fast food...I can remember the hectic commercials...

Anyway, not only have I been coerced (always helps to blame others for your bad choices) into eating this food, but I've been poisoned and programmed to crave it...(you, rolling your eyes...never had a whopper craving?, oh you're a Spicy chicken person!)

Ever notice that your burger NEVER looks like it does in the ad, and seldom tastes like you think it will...hummm, and yet we (OK, I) return for's kinda like seeing that sitcom on T.V. and thinking about how stupid it was only to find yourself laughing at the re-run a few months later. Upon reflection about my consumption of at least this aspect of pop-culture I realized just how many times I think in the process of my consumption..."I shouldn't do this, there's something better"...but quickly rationalize and refuse the thoughts, pushing them from my mind and partake...only to later think, like I did after that whopper..."I feel sick!"

"Who wants a frosty?!"


A post by James

My PSP and me

I recently acquired this new fangled device known as a PSP in the month of August. It is rather expensive and so I naturally assumed it would be cheaper in the States, so on my way through them in August I picked one up at a Wal-Mart. Of course out of fear or simple stupidity I hid this fact from my parents, knowing they would be less than pleased with the purchase.

As I began to play and look into all the cool gizmos and widgets that one can buy for this device I realized I had got myself into something that was beyond me. I now have told my parents and they didn't really care. But the money that a person can pour out on movies, games, music, memory, accessories, and general cool stuff is overwhelming. Someone of meagre income such as myself, really has no idea where to start. I have noticed that people of all ages from, pre-teens, right up to men in their forties can enjoy this. I must assume that the young children are using guilt money to buy them, and the older men just buy whatever they want.

Needless to say it is a cool thing, with the ability to access the Internet, play movies, show pictures, become an MP3 player, and of course offer a wide variety of video games. It is one of the ultimate forms of synergy, a company, SONY, has taken several devices and smashed them all into one, and with the ability to add to it and download updates as well. I am amazed really when I think about it. It is great marketing, and the best part is they convince you it is a deal. A PSP typically costs, $299, and comes with nothing. A typical game is, $50, memory to have a good amount of music, $100, a UMD movie, $30. I know this sounds like a MasterCard commercial, but when you add it up, someone who owns multiple games and movies has spent close to a thousand dollars on this thing.

I have tried to avoid most of these pitfalls, but with my compulsive nature, and need for cool stuff, I have succumbed to many of these costs. SONY while offering a great source of entertainment, and cool toy have capitalized on the handheld, wireless world here. Kudos to them.

-James Brooks

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fire and Ice Survey

For those who have read Fire and Ice, Adams mentions that there is a survey that you can do to discover what tribe you are in. It may be interesting to discover if we as a class fit his descriptions. You can find the survey at
Take a couple of minutes, do the survey and then post some results here.


A post by Alex

I do not actively have a Myspace account, I have tried to and honestly just got bored of it. As many of you probably know it is a whole website dedicated to just this, writing about anything. Maybe it's just me, but this simply does not seem interesting. Now, as I said I don't have an account but I tried. I set it up, registered, put on a picture and even sent a couple of my friends messages, yet upon hearing how much time some people spend on their site, and how much effort they put forth to writing a "blog" about a completely made-up story about nothing, I realized I just couldn't commit to what it would take to make this enjoyable.

Apparently it's one of the most visited websites of the year, with millions of people of all ages, not just youth, getting free accounts, putting all kinds of pictures on there (we'll get back to this), and talking to complete strangers (also, get back to this...). Why though? I mean MSN I understand, it's a quick, easy way to talk to your friends instantly, but the idea of making a little space on the web to call your own, where you can write about whatever you want, and the part that gets me is that people read these "articles" about nothing in particular...much like you're doing now. Why should anyone else care what I think about Myspace, or Xbox, or Narnia? Back to the pictures...when I was briefly on there looking for my friends I got to clicking on my friends' friends, then their friends, and so on, until I was lost in Myspace and was no longer looking at pictures of my close Christian friends. Honestly, there's some pretty racy pictures on there for people's sites, and I realize it's easier for a kid to access on the internet than ever, so this really doesn't compare, but it just urks me that people are putting themselves out there for all of "MySpace" to see. Which brings me back to the complete strangers thing...maybe I'm just overly mother-like on this topic, but it scares me who kids are talking to on here, and why.

When it comes down to it, MySpace just seems pointless to me, and another way to get kids away from hanging out with each other, but investing hours and hours into something that will fade away by the end of this year. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

-Alex Street


A post by Jamie.

I was metphorically dragged to this movie by my two friends while I was in Ottawa over the holidays. I didn't want to be the one to say "naahhh, lets go see Narnia instead" as I was the only participating Christian follower of the group. To my surprise this movie wasn't what I thought it would be and yet it did turn out that way. I sometimes like going to see a movie that *****SPOILER WARNING***** doesn't have a happy ending. This is a movie that raises one's eyebrows when one thinks about the topic involved.

For those that don't know much about this movie other than the fact that George Clooney is in it. Here is a brief run down about it. This movie is a political thriller between oil corporations, the U.S. government, Islamic extremism, and a Middle East dictatorship. An unnamed Gulf State has an ailing king. His two sons are jockeying for control; one, the younger, is a lazy playboy U.S. pond of oil rich corporations the other the oldest is an educated reformer who wants to modernize his country and bring it to a First Nation statis. The trouble is, U.S. corporations are jockeying to control this nation's oil reserves from both sides and the audience (at least this Canadian one) isn't cheering for either side.

In the middle is the story of the Financial Broker (Matt Damon) who has just become the most influential person to the eldest prince. He has to deal with helping this fragile nation or helping his fragile family stay together when his wife can no longer stay in the middle east and returns to the west.

The other story is this CIA middle man (George Clooney) who is struggling with adpating to post Cold-War tatics and ends up being pawn for the bad guys. I won't give that one away.

Youth would like this movie for the characters (actors) but the story is maybe too complicated. I would say it was worth getting dragged to.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Magazine 'M'

A post by Niesha

The other day I picked up a January/February 2006 magazine tiled “M” (music, movies & more). To my dismay there were no real articles. It was filled with pictures and bits of celebrity gossip. The “stuff” I looked at disturbed me, not because it was disgusting but because it all seemed be so pointless to the point I would defiantly call it “garbage”. Honestly, how can you take a quiz to see if you should date your best friend? The magazine even states that if the relationship does not work you’ll still be “BFF” (Best Friends Forever). Okay now honestly, how many people do you know who are best friends after they have ended a dating relationship? The magazine is filled with slang language and “msn” ways of spelling words. If I was to hand anything like that into the professor I’m sure my grade would reflect it. Not only is this magazine not educational it gets teenagers and preteens to set their hopes on false dreams such as winning a date with Chris Brown. Who is Chris Brown anyways? Horoscopes also flood the pages telling young readers how they will meet their next boyfriend. On that note I don’t think it is at all ’s to date around when you’re thirteen - that just equals more broken hearts. Teenagers need to be filled with real love and true hope that is found in Jesus. I believe teenage magazines should try to empower teenagers using truth. This magazine has affected me in the sense that I will not let my children (if I ever have any) purchase this type of product.

Chronicles of Narnia movie

A post from Alexander on the Chronicles of Narnia

I'm sure you have all seen the movie "The Lion, The Which, and The Wardrobe" by now, if not...GO SEE IT! As a follower of Christ this is one of the most important movies of the year. My mom used to read the book to my brother and I (non-Christian family) at bedtime, yet I hadn't read or even picked up the other books in the series until lately. I went with a bunch of friends and my brother and step-sister (neither of them Christians) on opening day to go and see the movie. If you've seen it you know it's pretty incredible. Anyway, for some reason I just kind of assumed that this whole series, and C.S. Lewis in general was held securely in the Christian community and nobody in the "Secular world" would be interested in it at all. Soon realizing that this was going to be a cultural phenomenon I got thinking about how important the movie is.

The movie gives the story of sacrifice straight-up as plain as it gets, and less gorey than "The Passion" which makes it slightly more inviting for the public. I almost feel as though it's tricking people, they get involved in this incredibly fun and exciting "children's" story, then are hit with the reality of what the true king of the land would do for even the smallest human.

Walking out of the theatre, my brother turned to me and asked "so was there really a lot of Christian imagery in that like I've heard there is?" WOW what an opportunity this was to explain the story deeper, explaining Aslan the lion as an image of Jesus and that Jesus was actually the one who gave himself up for all of humanity.
The books are magical in the way that they can simply be taken as great fantasy books, or looking deeper into them can have such a significant meaning reflecting the truths of the Bible, and God's relationship with his creation. Without sounding like I'm giving a review of the movie or the books I guess I am trying to get the point across that everything about this story and the fact that it was probably the most popular thing this Christmas season is absolutely nothing but helpful for the Kingdom of God to prosper.

Youth, heck everyone, is sometimes afraid of things that will shove some sort of "religious" ideas down your throat, but the beauty about this is that it's fun, exciting, and the message is plainly out there, actually in the script, word for word "the true meaning of sacrifice...", yet not at all "in your face religious".
-alex street


A post from Alexander

I got an XBOX game system for my birthday this year from my mommy (I know, 22 years old, still getting toys for my birthday) and I was pretty excited when I got it, knowing that once school started again I wouldn't be able to play it, because I would have to make myself busy by reading so much. Over the holidays I played the thing til my eyes watered and there was a groove in the couch from my butt. Then, like I said I would, when school started I decided I would not play it. Sadly, not the case, I was about half-way through beating this one game and it was all I could think about (funny story; I had a dream that I was a marine soldier last night...just like in the game) therefore I would sit down to try to read, but the system was just staring at me, calling me, whispering sweet nothings to of course I obliged. Finally I beat the stinkin' game, but was quite dissappointed at this time with how much effort I had put into it, and how much reading I had NOT done.

Thinking about my Gr.10 small group Bible study (about 12 kids) and the fact that when we get together we mostly just play XBOX, I started to wonder if they're school, and social lives in general suffer simply because they have a video-game system in their house. I grew up playing video-games, and I wouldn't say I'm a gamer, but I just love to be entertained by these things, but I grew up on Nintendo, then Super-Nintendo/Sega Genesis...the fact that kids now are growing up with games that are so much more entertaining may actually be worse off for them.
I heard on the radio that college grades among guys are dropping, and also that video-game play-time is, these two could be as related as Kathy-Lee Gifford and Shaquille O'Neill, but on the other hand they could make a lot of sense being correlated. I have witnessed first-hand now (unlike when I lived at college and had time to spare to play video-games) having a job/wife/hardest semester yet, and still trying to squeeze in some personal entertainment, just won't work, the more I do it, the less I'll work, and then everything suffers.

Bottom line...XBOX is the devil, but if anyone has NHL 2K6 they would like to sell me for under $20 gimme a call cause I really wanna try it.

-alex street

American Idol

A post from Caterina

Watching "American Idol" on Tuesday January 17th and Wednesday January 18th, 2006--
Besides the name for the show, which I have a problem with but wont get into it right now, I have always had interesting comment it. Most of the youth I know today, even though very much Canadian, prefer watching "American Idol" instead of the Canadian Version ("Canadian Idol" is not as amusing). I wonder why?
I spent a couple of hours watching the new season on Tuesday and Wednesday to figure out what was the big commotion around the show now going into season five. I have watched a few times previously, so I was aware of some of what went on. With that said, you would think that i would not have been so surprised as I was on Tuesday. Many times it seems like the show made it a point to show or talk about certain people, so that the audience would think they were funny. Other times it seemed that one of the judges made it a point to really put the person down that just had finished singing. This make me have a bunch of mixed feelings about the show. Finding talent or looking for talent is not a bad thing or wrong to do, but it is the way you go about doing it that could change everything and bring a negative undertone that should not be there. As a person who loves to worship God in song, singing and stage presence probably has a different meaning for me than most people( especially to Paula, Simon, Randy and the others of the show). That is also another topic in its self! I also know that if you set your heart to something you can put forth your best and accomplish every goal set in front of you. I do believe in achieving excellence, even in singing, but the right motives need to be there.
My questions are: Why crush someone just because they do not fit into what the ideal "American Idol" is? I understand that it takes courage and passion to go in front of judges and TV to sing, so why then use some of the rude remarks like "you suck", "your useless", "don't even bother trying next year" etc. by the judges (mostly Simon). What is this saying to "American/Canadian" teens/people today? I can admit there were times I was laughing (mostly at the facial expressions of Paula, Simon, and Randy), and also times when I was happy for the person that was selected. It might also be safe to say that some of the contestants try out just for fun or even just to be on TV. But why do people even want to do that? What is the ideal "American/Canadian Idol"? What standards are the judges judging by? And why are people allowing a select few tell them really what is talent and what is not? I watched as people came on the show saying that they were unique and different, but all wanted to be the "American Idol" for this year. People always aspire to be something else instead of being who God wants them to be--themselves.
Even though I was troubled at times watching on Tuesday and Wednesday (selection process) I think that I will probably take up watching it again when the final 20 people take the stage to see what happens at the end of it all.
What do you all think?

Bless, Caterina

A Joint in the Body of Christ

Saturday, January 14, 2006

on MSN

The following post is the first of hopefully many by my CHRI 3313 Canadian Youth Culture Class. This post is by Melissa and has been proofread by me but not edited.

I have always said...'I hate MSN'. Why you might ask? Well, it's probably a combination of the impersonal, and annoying factors associated with it.

I can remember being in Jr.high and parts of high school before MSN (or more likely before my knowledge of it) when my friends and I would play outside or talk on the phone for hours. I realize that talking on the phone is also somewhat impersonal...we'll leave that for now, 'cause at least it gives you some sensory perception of another person. On MSN you don't have to see, touch, or even hear another human fact if you're on long enough you may actually forget you're conversing with real people (or so I hear). I recognize that it is easier for some people to communicate through the computer than in person, but isn't that a symptom of the problem...that we are encouraging and enabling people to live within independence and isolation?

As for's those 'conversations' that go on forever or that you can't really get out of kindly and that encroach upon the real reason you actually signed in for in the first place that fall into this category. I know you can block people, or just not use it at all which is what I did for a while until....

I stopped 'hating' the system and started using it. I realized that although it can be impersonal and annoying MSN really does have it's good sides too. Take's great when I need to ask a quick question, or get advice on some research to be able to type it in and get a reply without having to leave my computer. Plus short conversations on MSN don't seem quite as rude as calling someone up just to ask a simple question, not to mention the fact talking online doesn't always require the same pleasantries.

As a youth worker I also realize that like it or not, some students really do open up more comfortably behind a computer screen as opposed to face to face. Instead of shunning this fact I have learned to use it as a stepping stone and relationship building tool. I still limit conversations but meeting someone where they are most comfortable is an important part of building trust.

So have I conceded for the sake of time and others, to become a full fledged MSNer...the jury's still out but for now I'll appreciate technology for what it is...not a substitute for real people, but perhaps a way to bring people together.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Pop Culture Log

Soon to appear here (hopefully) are some posts from students taking my CHRI 3313 Canadian Youth Culture class at Tyndale University College. They must examine their interaction with four different forms of popular culture available in Canada. Some will post their reflections here so that anyone who wants to can comment on their reactions. I will moderate to some extent (no slams for instance) but feel free to comment on any of the posts. I'm hoping that by putting themselves out there, students will receive more feedback than is normal in a university/college class. I know that for some, formal education was not their deal but blogging is so this is an attempt to be a bit more innovative than multiple choice or "define and state the significance of tests." No matter the comments that they recieve, their marks are based on their original post.